Internal Funding for Research & Pedagogy

There are several Pomona College-funded grants and opportunities for faculty who wish to conduct research, fund events, travel to conferences and scholarly meetings, and explore new methods of teaching and learning. 

Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning Grants

For grants for pedagogical innovation, please refer to the Funding for Curricular Development and Pedagogy page to learn more about Wig grants.

Faculty Travel Fund

The Faculty Travel Fund supports faculty attendance at professional and scholarly meetings by providing funding for transportation and lodging. 

Research Grants

Internal research grants include the General Research Fund; the Downing College-Pomona College Faculty Exchange Program, wherein a faculty member pursuing a program of research at Cambridge University's Downing College; and the Hirsch Research Initiation Grants, which provide seed money to promising large-scale projects. (For information on non-Pomona-funded research, please visit Sponsored Research.)