Wig Grants (Curriculum, Teaching, & Pedagogy)

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Wig established the "Distinguished Professorship Endowment Fund" in 1955 to further the teaching mission of the College. This fund is used to support the Wig Distinguished Professorship awards, to help subvene sabbatical salaries, and to facilitate the biannual trustee-faculty retreat. It is also used to support pedagogical and curricular innovation through grants for auditing, course development, teaching innovation, and travel to teaching conferences. These grants are available to all tenure-track faculty and full-time faculty on multiyear contracts. Under exceptional circumstances, funds permitting, applications will be considered from full-time visiting faculty on one-year appointments.

For Curriculum Development and Teaching Innovation grants, the Teaching & Learning Committee and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Janise Roselle, give priority to faculty who will be developing new courses or substantially revising existing ones, to faculty who have not recently received a Wig grant, and to junior faculty. In approving budgets for Curriculum Development grants, they generally observe the following limits:

  • $500 for books, films, and software for any one class
  • $1,000 for student assistants for any one class
  • $1,000 for field trips
  • $900 for travel expenses

Teaching Innovation grants are generally limited to a total of $700. Please note that ongoing and regular expenses associated with a class should be covered by departmental or program budgets. Wig grants are for one-time costs associated with faculty development in the area of teaching, developing a new course, extensively revising an old course and making innovations in an existing course. 

For information about Wig grants, please contact Janise Roselle, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, by email or ext. 71747.

Curriculum Development Grants (Wig Fund)

A number of grants, usually ranging from $500 to $3,000, are awarded by the Teaching & Learning Committee for the development or substantial revision of courses. These grants are meant to reimburse faculty for items such as books, videos and software (up to $500); student assistants (up to $1000); field trips (up to $1,000); travel (up to $900); and conference or workshop registration fees related to preparation of a course. Preference will be given to faculty who have not received Wig funds for course development in the preceding two years.

The deadline for applications is April 4, 2018. Applications should include a course description and a detailed, itemized budget. The applicant should also indicate if she or he has received a Wig grant in the past two years and, if so, the curricular results. Please submit proposals to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Janise Roselle. The Teaching & Learning Committee will review the proposals in April, and awardees will be notified immediately after the May Board of Trustees meetings. Awards will become effective June 1, 2018, and must be spent by June 1, 2019.

Anticipated total funds available for 2017-18: $30,000
Application deadline: April 4, 2018

Teaching Consultancy

The College has some funds for confidential, one-on-one consultants to observe a faculty member’s classes and then offer advice on pedagogy, teaching techniques, and classroom management. To apply, send a brief note to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Janise Roselle, providing the name and contact information of the potential consultant. Emeritus Professor Jerry Irish, a three-time winner of the College’s Wig Distinguished Professor award for excellent teaching, has occasionally served in this capacity, for example, but consultants may also be drawn from outside.

Teaching Innovation Grants (Wig Fund)

Small grants (up to $700) are available throughout the year to enhance the teaching of a particular course. This fund is meant to cover curricular needs that are unexpected and that therefore cannot be met within a departmental budget or through application for a Curriculum Development Grant. Items that have been funded in the past include books, honoraria/meals/lodging for in-class speakers, films, computer software, and student assistants.

Applications should be made using the form attached here and should be sent to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Janise Roselle. There are no deadlines; applications are accepted so long as funds remain.

Teaching Innovation Grants Application [doc]

Total funds available 2016-17: $14,000 

TLC (Teaching & Learning Center) Faculty Auditing Program

A small number of awards of $500 each are available for faculty members who wish to audit a course at The Claremont Colleges. The hope is that auditing will generate pedagogical and intellectual connections and discussions among our faculty.  If you would like to be considered for this program, please check with the instructor of the course and then send the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Janise Roselle, a short note describing your interest. Should you receive an award, you will be expected to attend every class session of the course you are auditing and to submit a short report at the end of the semester to be used in evaluating this program.

Total funds available 2016-17: $3,000
Application target dates: September 7, 2016; January 18, 2017

Travel to Teaching Conferences (Wig Fund)

These grants are available to faculty traveling to conferences that are specifically about pedagogy or curriculum development. While one might argue that any professional conference may help improve one's teaching, attendance at conferences that focus on a particular area of research or that serve as the annual meetings of a particular discipline are usually not funded. The grants will normally cover the registration fee, transportation up to $800, and hotel and food costs up to $650. Recipients of grants must submit a brief report on the conference and how it contributed to their teaching effectiveness and/or to the curriculum; the Dean's Office will share these reports with the Wig Fund for Teaching Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Applications should be made using the form attached here and should be sent to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Janise Roselle. There are no deadlines; applications are accepted so long as funds remain.

Travel to Teaching Conferences Application [doc]

Total funds available 2016-17: $28,000

Hahn Teaching with Technology Grants

Hahn Grants are designed to support the innovative use of technology for instructional purposes. Typically, grants range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. A call for proposals is issued each year in early March with a late March deadline. The Hahn Grant Committee meets in mid-April to review proposals and to allocate the available funds. Any funds that remain after this distribution are held for allocation at the discretion of the grant committee over the course of the following year.

Proposals should be addressed to Mary McMahon, ITS's Deputy CIO, Client, Media, and Instructional Services, and must contain:

  1. a description of the project and its instructional impact;
  2. a description of equipment, materials, and human resources needed to complete the project (consult Mary McMahon in ITS);
  3. a timeline for completing the project;
  4. a sense of your availability during the summer for consultation about the project;
  5. a budget (after consultation with ITS staff);
  6. a statement as to possible applications of the project for other courses taught by you or your colleagues.

The number of proposals funded each year will depend on the number and cost of feasible projects and on the size of the Hahn budget for that particular year.


  • All purchasing and hiring must be done through ITS.
  • All funds allocated for any given year must be used by March 30. Any remaining amounts will be folded back into the Hahn budget for the following year.