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Diversity at Pomona

Professor Janice Hudgings (left) and Professor Jorge Moreno (right).

Two Pomona Professors Earn The Claremont Colleges Diversity Awards for 2020

Headshot of Ayleen Hernandez

Soon-To-Be Doctor Ayleen Hernandez ’20 Reflects on Her Journey

Aimee Bahng, Professor of Gender and Women's Studies

Prof. Aimee Bahng Awarded New Directions Fellowship Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Pomona College is committed to advancing the diversity of our community. Our campus, like many others across the nation, is navigating a critical turning point on issues of diversity and inclusivity. As a globally recognized institution in Southern California—a region at the forefront of diversity, openness and innovation—we must lead the way.

A diverse student body and curriculum gives Pomona students unique and important opportunities for intellectual, emotional and ethical growth.  It provides them with the necessary tools to face the challenges of today’s world—political divisiveness, social upheaval and structural inequities—creatively and to build communities and organizations that are open, vibrant and diverse.

Education is an important mechanism for addressing historical injustices and for grappling with contemporary inequities. Placing diversity at the center of the College’s educational mission means providing leadership in social change and modeling what such change looks like.

We believe numbers alone do not indicate success in achieving a dynamically diverse community. The College places great importance on providing resources and energy toward enhancing a campus culture in which all students, faculty and staff feel welcome and supported.

It is not only an ethical, but also a financial commitment. The President’s Advisory Council on Diversity (PACD) developed the 2015 strategic plan on diversity, “Lighting the Path to 2025: A Vision for Diversity.” Below is an excerpt from the plan outlining our Four Beacons of Excellence.

Four Beacons of Excellence

1. Access & Inclusion

Develop a campus community that includes the fullest possible range of diverse perspectives and backgrounds essential to a rigorous learning atmosphere.

2. Climate & Community

Create healthy environments in which individuals feel welcomed, respected, valued, supported and fully able to achieve and contribute.

3. Scholarship and Learning

Prepare diverse students for lives of leadership, achievement, and fulfillment in a pluralistic democracy.

4. Institutional Commitment

Develop the capacity of the College to leverage diversity as a critical resource in accomplishing its mission.