A group of students at the Pomona College Fall Weekend for high school seniors.

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The extraordinary ethnic and social diversity of Pomona's student body is one of its great strengths. About half of Pomona students are students of color and 15%—across all ethnic backgrounds—are in the first generation of their families to attend a four-year college or university.

In support of this important part of the College's mission, the Diversity Program is an outreach program operated through the Pomona College Office of Admissions, which is dedicated to recruiting and supporting talented students from underrepresented groups.

Fall and Spring Weekends

Each year, we invite students from diverse, traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to visit Pomona College for a weekend program. To learn more and apply, visit our Fall Weekend page.

Our Staff

Our Diversity Team works on a variety of programs throughout the academic year that focus on recruitment and yield efforts directed at high school students who identify with racial or ethnic groups that are most underrepresented in higher education, low-income students and those who will be one of the first in their family to attend college. Feel free to contact diversity@pomona.edu with any questions.

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