Academic Support Resources

Academic Support Resources provides expert peer instruction to help you develop strategic learning skills, assist in achieving your personal intellectual potential, and promoting leadership and service learning opportunities through the peer Fellows program. 

Academic Support Resources (ASR) hires academic fellows to assist students with writing, quantitative skills, language acquisition, and strategic learning strategies.

Academic Learning Fellows

If you are seeking help with general time management and/study skills, the Learning Fellows will be able to get you on track. Sometimes it’s not what you study, but how you study that makes all the difference. Our Learning Fellows are Pomona students that have been successful, and are trained to help you do the same. Sign up to meet with a Learning Fellow.

Claremont Colleges Library

The Claremont Colleges Library, which includes the main location of Honnold/Mudd Library, is an important resource for all Claremont Colleges students. In addition to its general collections, electronic resources, special collections, and interlibrary loan services, the library offers library research instruction and workshops, as well as individual appointments for instruction and research assistance. Learn more about The Claremont Colleges Library.

The Foreign Language Resource Center

The Foreign Language Resource Center, or FLRC, is the modern rebirth of the old language lab.  The FLRC is not only a physical space for students and faculty, but also a unit that provides professional development, research, and instructional language technology support. Learn more about the FLRC.

The Quantitative Skills Center

For any student taking a math or science course, or a course that uses quantitative (mathematical) skills, the QSC Fellows are here to meet with you individually or in a group. Also, for many courses the departments dedicated Mentors who hold drop-in group sessions. Sign up to meet with a QSC Fellow.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center at Pomona provides students with a community of experienced readers and writers, offering free, one-on-one consultations at any stage of the writing process—from generating a thesis and structuring an argument to fine-tuning a draft. Sign up to meet with a Writing Fellow.