Pomona’s location and its resources will prepare you to actively address global issues and live and lead in the 21st century.

Pomona College is located 35 miles outside of Los Angeles, the cultural hub of the Pacific Rim. With people from 140 countries, who speak 86 different languages, L.A. is diverse, multiethnic metropolis. For Pomona students, our unique location is complimented by a wide range of globally oriented academic and co-curricular opportunities on campus and around the world.

From expert professors who research and practice on every continent, to internships, research opportunities and study abroad locations across the globe, visiting international scholars and speakers, and a host of language learning opportunities, we actively engage you with the world.

A globe showing the areas of the world where Pomona College helped fund 21 international internships in summer 2015.

In summer 2016, Pomona College helped 21 students find internships abroad on four continents at organizations like UNAIDS, World Health Organization, the Rainforest Foundation, Ernst & Young, Israel Social TV, and the International Criminal Court. 

The Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) Summer Experience awards aim to alleviate the financial burden of unpaid or low-paying internships by assisting students with expenses. 

Expand your world view and prepare for life and work on an interconnected globe with:  

Study Abroad

With more than 50 study abroad programs on every continent but Antarctica, Pomona students have a wide range of options to explore the world through study abroad. About half of our students study abroad. To ensure equal access, Pomona College charges the same fees for a semester or year abroad as for a semester or year spent on campus and extends financial aid allowances to cover the time abroad. 

Oldenborg Center

Students can immerse themselves in language learning in the residence and dining halls of Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations, learning and living alongside language residents. Oldenborg also hosts several scholars each week who speak on global topics, including current political, humanitarian and environmental issues, culture and the arts, and history. Oldenborg also awards travel grants to students for independent research projects.

Pacific Basin Institute

In addition, science professors, often accompanied by undergraduates, carry out research in China, Congo, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and Vietnam, among many other places. The Pacific Basin Institute hosts visiting scholars, offers an important research film archive and sponsors an annual speaker and film series.

Office of International Initiatives

The Office of International Initiatives supports faculty, staff and students who plan activities and events that address global issues. Students interested in international opportunities — internships, research connections, job leads, engagement with UN agencies and NGOs, and more — can seek information and advice from Senior Advisor for International Initiatives Bertil Lindblad, who has more than 30 years experience in leadership positions with global organizations like UNAIDS, UNICEF and Swedish Save the Children.

After Pomona

Alumni Across the World

Pomona College alumni live all over the world in more than 70 countries.

Pomona College students often find opportunity abroad after graduation. In 2016, 26 seniors won 29 post-graduate fellowships or scholarships, many of them providing funds for study or work internationally. 

  • Fiker Bekele '16 and Conner Kummerlowe '16 are headed to the University of Cambridge on Downing Scholarships.
  • Harrison Goodall '16 and Alexandra Goss '16 will travel the world for a year on independent research projects funded by Watson Fellowships.
  • 16 graduates were awarded Fulbright Fellowships for international research and teaching opportunities.
  • Leyth Swidan '16 is a Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow, committing to a five-year service commitment as a foreign services officer.

To read more fellowship stories or search for grants, visit our Graduate Fellowship and Scholarship Advising site.