Writing Program & Writing Center

Everyone's writing benefits from a second pair of eyes, since it's difficult for everyone to read their own writing critically. The Writing Program provides faculty and students resources to teach, learn, and improve their writing.

Students come to the Writing Center to take their work to the next level. Writing Partners, who are also Pomona students, have experience and training to collaborate with students in all disciplines, from Religious Studies to Economics to Physics.

Free, one-on-one consultations can help students:

  • Make sense of assignments and applications
  • Brainstorm and structure ideas
  • Revise and polish a paper
  • Reflect on and refine the writing process

The Writing Center is located in Smith Campus Center, Suite 148, across from the living room and the mail room on the ground floor. During the semester, we are open Sundays through Thursdays in the afternoons and evenings. Contact us at writing.center@pomona.edu.