Writing Fellows 2014-2015 group photo

Every year, Pomona has a staff of about 30 Writing Partners. Writing Partner nominations are solicited from faculty and staff across the College, and self-nominations are encouraged. New Partners take the full- or half-credit section of English 87 – which examines writing theories, processes, and pedagogies – during their first semester working at the Writing Center. All Partners participate in ongoing training through biweekly lunch meetings and occasional evening workshops. Partners work approximately 5 hours per week in the Writing Center, and many work attached to ID1 courses in the fall and courses across the disciplines in the spring. A list of this year's Writing Partners is below.

If you are interested in becoming a Writing Partner, and you are currently a first-year or a sophomore, please email the Writing Center to let us know you are interested. We will send you an application to apply in early in the spring semester, for Writing Partner positions that will begin the following academic year. Because of the intensive training process, we do not accept nominations from juniors.

2018-19 Writing Partners

  1. Phoebe Alpern ’20 (History)
  2. Natasha Anis ’19 (English and Politics)
  3. Anika Arvantis ’20 (Economics)
  4. Salamata Bah ’20 (International Relations)
  5. Anne Berhe ’20 (Molecular Biology)
  6. Dylan Bresnan ’21 (Computer Science)
  7. Spencer Campbell ’19 (History)
  8. Julie Cho ’19 (Neuroscience)
  9. Rooney deButts ’20 (undeclared)
  10. Dray Denson ’20 (Africana Studies)
  11. Maimouna Diarra ’19 (International Relations and History)
  12. Sarah Grace Engel ’20 (Religious Studies)
  13. Shari Evangelista ’21 (Neuroscience)
  14. Ahana Ganguly ’21 (English and GWS)
  15. Greyson Gove ‘21 (English)
  16. Peter Heckendorn ’21 (undeclared)
  17. Emily Jiang ’21 (PPE and English)
  18. Maya Jotwani ’21 (Neuroscience)
  19. Ethan Kostishak 20’ (Middle Eastern Studies)
  20. Jolo Labio ’20 (History)
  21. Natalie McDonald ’19 (History)
  22. Rachel Marandett ’20 (Religious Studies)
  23. Tiffany Mi ’19 (French and Anthropology)
  24. Kate Miller ’19 (French and English)
  25. Barbara Peisch ’19 (Art History)
  26. Paige Pepitone ’19 (International Relations)
  27. Hayat Ramzi ’19 (Neuroscience)
  28. Samantha Resnick ’19 (Spanish and Linguistics)
  29. Coleman Solis ’19 (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  30. Victor Solórzano-Gringeri ’21 (English and Spanish)
  31. Chunghwa Suh ’20 (English)
  32. Renee Susanto ’21 (Sociology)
  33. Eric Tang ’21 (Molecular Biology)
  34. Rachel Tils ’19 (Theater and History)
  35. Sabrina Marie Vera ’20 (International Relations and Politics)
  36. Candice Wang ’19 (Religious Studies and Neuroscience)
  37. Olivia Wood ’19 (Science and Technology Studies)