Diversity Resources for Students

Pomona College is committed to providing support for students of color and diverse backgrounds, women and minorities in the sciences, low-income and first-generation students, students with illness or disability, and queer, trans, gender nonconforming or questioning students.

Pomona and The Claremont Colleges offer a number of resources for our diverse student population, including peer mentor groups, resource centers, student-led organizations, and academic cohorts.

Here’s a small sampling of student resources: 

Asian American Resource Center (AARC)
The AARC, established in 1991, helps Asian Pacific American students of The Claremont Colleges develop intellectually, socially, personally, academically and politically. AARC provides peer mentoring.

Academic Support
​Pomona College is committed to helping every student succeed and thrive. If you need extra assistance with a course or skill, visit the Academic Support and Learning Center, the Foreign Language Resource Center, the Quantitative Skills Center, or the Writing Center

Building Leaders on Campus (BLOC)
BLOC strives to promote academic success, social wellness and community collectivism among its members as well as its associates. BLOC was created as a support group for those that want to join.

Chicano/Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)
CLSA provides support programs and services that enhance the academic success and personal development of Chicano/Latino students of The Claremont Colleges. CLSA provides peer mentoring.

Improving Dreams Equality Access and Success (IDEAS)
IDEAS aims to foster a vibrant community for immigrants and help bring increased awareness of immigrant struggles to The Claremont Colleges. IDEAS’ purpose is to organize, promote, encourage, and further the education of immigrant students by providing social networks and academic and financial resources to students.

Indigenous Peer Mentor Program (IPMP)
IPMP is a 5C mentoring program intended to help recruit, retain and support Indigenous scholars at The Claremont Colleges. IPMP is committed to building a sustainable community of Native faculty, staff and students on campus. Students involved in IPMP foster community on campus by hosting events such as Frybread Fridays, off-campus trips for Indigenous events in Los Angeles and weekly dinners for Indigenous students.

International Student Services Office
International Student Services Office is available to assist and advise international students on all matters relating to immigration status while enrolled at Pomona College.

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program (MMUF)
This Claremont Colleges cohort program’s goal is to identify and support underrepresented students who are interested in earning a doctorate in the core fields of arts and scientists and becoming future faculty. 

Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA)
OBSA is a resource center serving The Claremont Colleges that is dedicated to providing support, resources and space for students of African descent to feel safe, valued, informed and connected. OBSA provides peer mentoring.

Peer Mentoring
Peer mentors are available to students via resource centers, student groups, including MERGE (multi-ethnic and multi-racial students), South Asian Mentoring Program, and the Queer, Questioning & Allied Program (QQAMP). Visit our Peer Mentor page for more information.

Pomona Scholars of Science (PSS)
PSS is primarily for students interested in pre-health disciplines, or those who are planning on taking biology and chemistry in their first semester.

Pomona Scholars of Math (PSM)
PSM is for those who are thinking of pursuing a degree in mathematics, physics, computer science or economics.

Queer Resource Center (QRC)
The QRC is a resource center serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, omnisexual, pansexual and allied communities of The Claremont Colleges. The QRC provides peer mentoring.

Quest at Pomona
The Pomona Quest chapter is a student group that serves first generation and/or low-income students that includes QuestBridge Scholars, as well as any and all students who identify as first-generation and/or low-income. The chapter offers peer mentoring, social events, workshops and support for its members.

Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC)
The SDRC is the centralized resource center for support for students with disabilities across the The Claremont Colleges.

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)
SOCA, a student group, is a socially, intellectually and politically progressive alliance of people who provide programming to support students of color and their allies.

Women's Union
The mission of the Pomona College Women’s Union is to secure positive changes for women in their personal and political lives and to work toward deconstructing gender-based constraints within both local and global contexts. 

Visit Engage for a full list of current student organizations and how to get involved.