Accommodation Services

Types of Accommodations

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of accommodation/services.

Test-Taking Accommodations

To utilize approved testing accommodations, please follow up with Student Disability Resource Center to place request for testing related accommodations.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to follow up with my office.

  • 50% or 100% additional time on traditional tests
  • Quiet location for testing
  • Computer test reader
  • Use of computer to type essay exams
  • Assistive technology for exams or for course work

Classroom Accommodations

  • Notes or course notes
  • Permission to record the course lecture
  • Use of service animal in the classroom
  • Assistive technology in classroom

If you have sent in your documentation and completed your meeting with the Disability Director, here are a few tips for how to make the most of your academic accommodations.

Mobility Accommodations

  • Relocating classrooms, lab, field trips and living spaces in accessible locations.
  • Pomona Medical Supply will provide carts and mobility devices.

Language Substitution

All substitutions are processed through the Academic Procedure Committee (APC). Please contact Mace Mikaele regarding this request.

Service & Emotional Support Animals

To learn more about Service and Emotional Support Animals on campus, you may review the Service and Emotional Support Animals policies and procedures. If you’d like make a request to have an emotional support animal in Housing, submit an application on the Accessibility online portal and have the medical professional/clinician complete the ESA Verification Form and the ESA Additional Form may be completed by the requestor. After forms have been completed in its entirety please upload to your online profile on the Accessibility Online portal. ARS will reach follow up with an email to schedule a meeting appointment. This process will also include College Housing to facilitate approved requests.

To learn more about Service Animal on campus, review the Service Animal policy.

Housing Accommodations

Please complete an online application and submit documentation verifying your disability and supporting your request for housing accommodation. Please contact to inquire more information about housing requests. This is an interactive process between our office and Housing and Residence Life.

FALL 2021 Housing Accommodations Timeline

  1. New Students (First Year & Transfer Students)

    Deadline to submit application/documentation & request: June 15, 2021
    Please complete an online application and submit documentation verifying your disability and supporting your request for housing accommodations. To learn more about documentation guidelines please refer to the Documentation guidelines webpage.
  2. Returning Students with Housing Accommodations

    Deadline to submit request: May 15, 2021
    Please submit request for housing accommodations by the deadlines listed below to

Assistive Technology

  • Dragon Software (Speech-to-Text)
  • Kurzweil Software (Electronic Books)
  • JAWS (Screen Reader)
  • Otter App (Record & Transcribe) 

Alternative Deadlines Policies and Procedures

Learn more about the policies and procedures regarding Alternative Deadlines accommodation. This process requires an interactive process between faculty, student and ARS.