Types of Accommodations

Test-Taking Accommodations

  • 50% or 100% additional time on traditional tests
  • Quiet location for testing
  • Computer test reader
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking as a test writing resource
  • Use of computer to type essay exams
  • Assistive technology for exams or for course work
  • Spelling and punctuation considerations on exams

Classroom Accommodations

  • Notes or course notes
  • Permission to record the course lecture
  • Preferential seating
  • Course handouts in an enlarged font
  • Course handouts in an electronic format
  • Use of service animal in the classroom
  • Assistive technology in classroom

If you have sent in your documentation and completed your meeting with the Disability Coordinator, here are a few tips for how to make the most of your academic accommodations.

Mobility Accommodations

  • Relocating classrooms, lab, field trips and living spaces in accessible locations.
  • Pomona Medical Supply will provide carts and mobility devices.

Foreign Language Exemption

All exemptions are processed through the Academic Procedure Committee. Contact the Associate Dean of Students to assist with this process.

Emotional Support Animals

To obtain permission to have an emotional support animal on campus, review the emotional support animal in residence hall policy and have the medical professional complete the emotional support animal application form. Once that is completed, contact the Dean of Students Office to secure permission to have an emotional support animal on campus.

Housing Accommodations

Please contact the Dean of Students Office to secure permission to have an air conditioner or single room.

To Receive Accommodations

To Apply/Receive Disability Accommodations for the First Time

  1. Contact the Dean of Students Office.
  2. Complete the Disability Request for Services Form and have your medical provider submit the Disability Documentation Form.
  3. Once the Dean of Students Office receives the application and documentation, they will contact you to meet with Dean Jan Collins Eaglin, the Disability Coordinator where your eligibility for academic adjustments, aids, and/or services will be determined.
  4. When you met with the Disabilities Coordinator, you will identify the course professors to receive notification of your academic adjustments or other accommodations.
  5. The Dean of Students will provide you the approval letters to the faculty.

For Those with Accommodations

  1. Access your profile.
  2. Review the accommodations that you previously received and indicate which accommodations you currently need.
  3. Identify the course professors to receive the form.
  4. The Disability Coordinator will send the approval to the faculty and you will receive a copy of the approval letter for your files.