Request Ability Ally Training

The Ability Ally Training Program creates a network of faculty, staff, and students who promote disability awareness by actively supporting people with disabilities and maintaining appropriate resources for working and interacting successfully with people with disabilities.

Ability Ally Training

Ability Ally Training strives to shape student, faculty, and staff perspectives by:

  • Focusing on ability versus disability
  • Identifying personal stereotypes, myths, and beliefs that shape personal perceptions.
  • Demonstrating appropriate language and terminology for discussing disabilities and resources
  • Providing students, staff, and faculty with an opportunity to discuss disability in a non-judgmental and safe environment
  • Providing an open forum for questions and concerns for those working and interacting with individuals with disabilities

Upon completion of the training, participants can sign an Ability Ally pledge and receive an Ability Ally button and sticker.

Ability Allies pledge to:

  • Be a support system for people with disabilities
  • Display their Ability Ally button/sticker
  • Be respectful, understanding, and helpful to the needs of people with disabilities
  • Be a proponent of inclusive language