Grievance Process

Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to speak to the Director of Accessibility regarding potential accommodations and the required paperwork. 

If a student is denied their requested accommodation that they believe is necessary, the student may take their concerns to the Dean of Students for Academic and Personal Success. Students should fill out the "Accommodation Reconsideration Form" and include additional information that supports their request. Students may attach additional documentation that addresses the reasons given by ARS for the denial. The Dean will evaluate the matter and make appropriate recommendations within five (5) working days of receiving the additional information. If an agreement cannot be reached, the Senior Associate Dean of Students can review the original request.

Additionally, in the event the student disagrees with the director’s decision the student may pursue the college's formal grievance procedures. Students may take allegations of discrimination to one of the College's grievance officers.  For additional information on the College's grievance procedures, please see the College's Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Grievance Procedures. Students are also able to file a grievance with the Office of Civil Rights. 

Dr. Adaly Reyes Martinez serves as the college's Director of Accessibility.  She is located in the Dean of Students Office, Pomona College, 550 N. College Ave, Claremont, CA, 91711. Contact information: 909-621-8017.