Student Accessibility Resources

Welcome to Pomona’s Student Resources Page for students with disabilities. We all need support sometimes, and there are people who care about you. Pomona College strives to create and maintain inclusive, accessible, and usable environments. On these pages, you will find information and resources to assist you during your time here.

If you have a medical emergency or psychiatric emergency, please call 911. Be sure the 911 operator knows you have a disability, and any other information that may be relevant for first responders or your safety, including your race, gender, or other information to prevent miscommunication or additional trauma.

If it is difficult for you to communicate in a crisis or you are concerned about using 911, consider having a letter or ID card that explains your disability or any of your characteristics that may alarm people trying to help you (e.g., if you make "odd" noises or don't like being touched), and what you may need (e.g., "tell me before you touch me"). See examples of cards/letters for people who stutter , who are autistic, or who are deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing.

Bring your insurance card, ID, and any important papers, including a psychiatric advanced directive or safety plan. Also, consider having a friend, family member, or ally with you when you make the call or go to the emergency room. We want you to be safe and supported.