Student Accessibility Current Students

Welcome ARS Students!

At this point, you have completed the ARS registration process and are now eligible for accommodations.

The first step to use your classroom accommodations is to request them on ARS Online Services. Remember to do this at the beginning of every semester. Your accommodations will not take effect until you request them for specific classes, and they are not retroactive. If you add a class or change sections of a class, don’t forget to request accommodations for your new class. 

Please review the How to Request Your Accommodations tutorial to complete this step.

If classes have already started and you are unable to submit your requests, please contact ARS for assistance at

Using your Approved Accommodations

For more information on how to use your approved accommodations, please visit our Accommodations Procedures page. If you are not sure which accommodations you are eligible for, login to the ARS Online Portal and click on My Eligibilities (under My Accommodations menu).

Requesting Additional Accommodations

If you are a current ARS students and are in need of additional accommodation(s), please submit an additional accommodation request.

Below are the steps to request an additional accommodation:

Step 1: Submit an Additional Accommodation Request

Log-on to ARS Online Services with your Pomona credentials. On the left hand side under Home, you will see the “Additional Accommodation Request Form.” Complete the form and submit your application.

STEP 2: Upload Documentation

Upload the documentation on the second page to support your new accommodation requests on the second page after submitting your application. Review the Student Accessibility Documentation Guidelines for assistance with documentation requirements. If you are unable to upload, please send the documentation to 

Step 3: Wait for Response

Once we receive your additional accommodation request and documentation, please allow 3-5 business days for processing your request. You will receive an email with the decision and next steps.