Student Accessibility New Students

Welcome New Students!

Are you a student that was recently admitted to Pomona College and have a disability you need accommodations for? Are you a current Pomona student that was recently diagnosed with a new disability? This page provides more information on how to apply, our documentation guidelines, and how to access our online student application.

What types of disabilities are represented at Pomona College?

We serve students with a variety of disabilities including mental health disabilities, learning disabilities, ADHD, physical/chronic disabilities, deaf/hard of hearing, blind/low vision, mobility disabilities, and temporary disabilities. Please visit our Types of Disabilities webpage for more information. 

What accommodations are offered at Pomona College? 

Pomona College offers a variety of accommodations, including but not limited to test accommodations, classroom accommodations, and housing accommodations. Please visit our Types of Accommodations webpage for more information. 

How can I register for services as a student with disability?

Our registration process consists of 3 steps! Please visit our Learn How to Apply webpage for information on what the process to register with our office is.

What documentation do I need to provide?

 For more information, please visit our Documentation Guidelines webpage for guidance of our documentation requirements.

Ready to Apply for Services?

Please visit our online portal and submit a New ARS Student Application.”