Registration with Accessibility Resources and Services (ARS)

To Apply for Disability Accommodations for the First Time

Step 1 : Self Identify- Fill out an application via Accessibility Online Portal

This brief application will allow you to give us some insight on your needs here at Pomona College. Students are responsible for initiating contact with ARS. Please sign in using your Pomona credentials.

Step 2: Disability Documentation-Submit supporting documentation from your medical provider

Review the Documentation guidelines depending on type of disability. In order to determine if your disability qualifies for accommodations, students typically need to provide documentation. The Disability Documentation Form can be filled out by your medical provider. The purpose of the documentation is not only to confirm your disability but also to assist our office in comprehensively addressing your disability-related needs. Submit appropriate documentation from your provider or an appropriate professional to ARS via Accessibility Online Portal.  Please upload documentation via Online Portal (after completing the application) or email at in a timely manner, as applications without documentation may be delayed.

Step 3: Meet with ARS- Schedule your Intake appointment*

*Please note: Do not schedule an appointment without completing Steps 1 & 2 first. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up.  

The intake interview is a critical step toward determining eligibility. After you submit an application for services, an email will be sent to your myPomona email to schedule an appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to learn first-hand your functional limitations and accommodation needs. Please note that participating in an intake interview does not guarantee program eligibility. Based on both your self-reported information and the disability documentation, ARS  determines if you are eligible for services and, if so, the appropriate and effective accommodations for your individual situation. If necessary to determining eligibility, we may request additional documentation. If you do not hear from our office within 5 business days after your application and documentation is complete/uploaded, please contact our office at 909-621-8017 or email

For Those with Accommodations

Step 1: Requesting academic accommodations each semester

Once your registration process is complete (steps 1 to 3 above), you may request accommodations each semester through the Accessibility Online Portal. Please note that accommodations do not carry over from one semester to another and prior letters may not be given to faculty for current courses, so it is the student’s responsibility to request accommodations for the specific semester at the start of each semester. If students are requesting accommodations that have previously been approved, this process may be completed online after Registration is complete. If students are requesting additional or different accommodations, the student must make their request on the portal under Additional Request form or schedule an appointment to meet with the Director of ARS. It’s important to note that accommodations do not go into effect until the student requests accommodations each semester. Accommodations are not retroactive.