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Title IX & Campus Advocacy, Resources, Education and Support (CARES)

The Title IX and Campus Advocacy, Resources, Education and Support (CARES) Office is dedicated to creating a compassionate and just campus community focusing on empowerment, establishing equity and ending violence. The office is committed to eliminating and addressing sexual harassment and discrimination, partner violence, sexual assault and stalking by providing robust prevention and education programs, support services, reporting options and response systems.

This office is also responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with federal laws and regulations, in particular, Title IX (to prevent discrimination based on sex, gender identity and/or expression), the Clery Act (to ensure disclosure of crime reporting and statistics), related state laws and Pomona College’s policy and procedures pertinent to sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination.


The CARES office is located in Alexander Hall suite 113 and is led by the College’s Title IX Coordinator/Clery Officer, Associate Dean Sue McCarthy. She can be reached at or (909) 621-8017.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

  • Ellie Ash-Balá, associate dean of campus life and director of the Smith Campus Center
    (909) 621-8611
  • David Tanenbaum, associate dean of the college and professor of physics and astronomy
    (909) 621-8722
  • Brenda Rushforth, assistant vice president, human resources/CHRO
    (909) 607-1686​
  • William Swartz, professor of physical education and soccer coach
    (909) 607-2771

Recent Changes and Updates

The Claremont Colleges (TCC) Title IX Adjudication Task Force was convened in Fall 2019 to develop a common adjudication process for the seven institutions. In August 2020, Pomona College adopted The Claremont Colleges Title IX Grievance Process. Sexual harassment, as defined by the new regulations, is now covered by the TCC Title IX Grievance Process.

Complaints of discrimination or harassment not governed by the TCC Title IX Grievance Process are subject to investigation and resolution under policies and procedures of the respondent’s college. Complaints of this nature are governed by one or more of the following policies: Pomona College’s Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination Policy and Title IX ProceduresDiscrimination and Harassment Policies and Grievance Procedures, or the Pomona College Student Code.

Messages to the Community

Please see below for messages to the community regarding Title IX and sexual assault issues on campus.

Interim Title IX Policy and Notice of Comment Period
Monday, August 17, 2020

A Message from President G. Gabrielle Starr on the 2018 Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium Survey
October 30, 2018

Message from President G. Gabrielle Starr on Building a Safer Campus
April 3, 2018