Title IX

This office is responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with federal laws and regulations, in particular, Title IX (to prevent discrimination based on sex, gender identity and/or expression), the Clery Act (to ensure disclosure of crime reporting and statistics), related state laws and Pomona College’s policy and procedures pertinent to sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination.


The CARES office is located in Alexander Hall suites 114 A&B and is led by the College’s Associate Dean and Title IX Coordinator, Erica Moorer Taylor. She can be reached at erica.taylor@pomona.edu or (909) 607-0277.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

  • Ellie Ash-Balá, Associate Dean of Campus Life and Director of the Smith Campus Center
    (909) 621-8611
  • Pierre Englebert, Associate Dean of the College
    (909) 607-2496
  • Brenda Rushforth, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources/CHRO
    (909) 607-1686​
  • Brandon Johnson, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
    (909) 621-8420

Recent Changes and Updates

October 2022 - Board Approved Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, and Discrimination Policy and Procedures and Pomona College Staff and Faculty Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures

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