Pomona College Emergency Response Team

The Pomona College Emergency Response Team (ERT) is responsible for planning and preparing the College to respond in the event of a major incident, on or off campus, that substantially impacts daily campus operations.

To respond most effectively, the ERT is led by the Senior Administrator On Call (SAOC), and supported by nine Emergency Support Teams (ESTs).  The types of direct assistance and resources that will be needed by the College organize the ESTs.  Those teams and their representatives along with the SAOCs are listed below.  Please contact any member of the ERT if you have any questions about Pomona College’s emergency planning process.

Senior Administrator On Call – (SAOC)

Name Phone Email
Bob Robinson (909) 607-1764 Email Bob Robinson
Joe Brennan (909) 607-7355 Email Joe Brennan
Christina Ciambriello (909) 607-2505 Email Christina Ciambriello
Mary Lou Woods (909) 621-8135 Email Mary Lou Woods
Jeff Roth (909) 621-8132 Email Jeff Roth

Academic Affairs - EST 1

Name Phone Email
Pierre Englebert  (909) 607-2496 Email Pierre Englebert
Erin Collins (909) 607-2487 Email Erin Collins

Information Technology - EST 2

Name Phone Email
Joe Brennan (909) 607-7355 Email Joe Brennan

Facilities Management - EST 3

Name Phone Email
Kevin Austin (909) 607-4150 Email Kevin Austin
Orlando Gonzalez (909) 607-0895 Email Orlando Gonzalez

Community & Medical Care - EST 4

Name Phone Email
Tracy Arwari (909) 621-8017 Email Tracy Arwari
Brenda Rushforth (909) 607-1686 Email Brenda Rushforth
Steven Jubert (909) 621-8256 Email Steven Jubert
Stephanie Garcia-Barragan (909) 607-0616 Email Stephanie Garcia-Barragan

Planning - EST 5

Name Phone Email
Bob Robinson (909) 607-1764 Email Bob Robinson
Marilyn Monterroso (909) 621-8136 Email Marilyn Monterroso
Linda Mazur (909) 607-1751 Email Linda Mazur
Alexandra Rodriguez (909) 607-9201 Email Alexandra Rodriguez

Auxiliary Services - EST 6

Name Phone Email
Jose Martinez (909) 607-9279 Email Jose Martinez

Communications - EST 7

Name Phone Email
Patricia Vest (909) 621-8503 Email Patricia Vest
Alexa Block (909) 621-8515 Email Alexa Block
Nate Stazewski (909) 607-4116 Email Nate Stazewski

Finance - EST 8

Name Phone Email
Mary Lou Woods (909) 621-8135 Email Mary Lou Woods

Transportation - EST 9

Name Phone Email
Glenn Gillespie (909) 607-2488 Email Glenn Gillespie


Name Phone Email
Matt Walker (909) 607-1855 Email Matt Walker