Campus Emergency Evacuation Sites

There may be situations when you need to evacuate quickly to ensure your safety. Please do so and alert others in your area if possible. If it is safe to do so, go to your building's designated evacuation site. If the evacuation site does not appear to be safe, get to a safe place as soon as possible. 

Be sure to take necessary items such as keys, cell phone, glasses and wallets. You may not be able to return to your residence hall, office or classroom for some time. 

Below is a list of building sites and the corresponding evacuation site for each. 

building name evacuation site
Alexander Hall Marston Quad (west end)
Andrew Science Building 7th Street Parking Lot
Baldwin House Benton Courtyard
Benton Museum of Art Benton Courtyard
Brackett Observatory Open area behind Oldenborg
Bridges Auditorium Marston Quad (east end)
Bridges Hall of Music Marston Quad (east end)
Carnegie Building Academic Quad
Center for Athletics, Recreation and Wellness Merritt Field
Clark I Walker Beach
Clark III/Norton Walker Beach
Clark V Walker Beach
Cook House Benton Courtyard
Cowart IT Building 7th Street Parking Lot
Crookshank Hall Academic Quad
Dialynas Hall Athearn Field
Discus Field Open area behind Oldenborg
Draper Center Walker Beach
Edmunds Building Walker Beach
Frank Dining Hall Open area behind Oldenborg
Frary Dining Hall Athearn Field
Gibson Behind Mudd-Blaisdell
Grounds Metro parking lot
Hahn Building Academic Quad
Haldeman Pool Merritt Field
Harwood Court Sumner Parking Lot
Honnold Library Walker Beach
Housekeeping Metro parking lot
Kenyon House Behind Mudd-Blaisdell
Lawry Court Dorm Athearn Field
LeBus Court Marston Quad (west end)
Lincoln Hall Walker Beach
Lyon Court Dorm Wig Beach
Mason Hall Academic Quad
McCarthy Building Academic Quad
Estella Lab 7th Street Parking Lot
Mudd-Blaisdell Behind Mudd-Blaisdell
Museum of Art Marston Quad (west end)
Oldenborg Open area behind Oldenborg
Organic Farm Open area behind Oldenborg
Pauley Tennis Complex Merritt Field
Pearsons Hall Academic Quad
Pendleton Business Walker Beach
Pendleton Dance Center Behind Mudd-Blaisdell
President's House Marston Quad (west end)
Rembrandt Hall Marston Quad (west end)
Renwick House Wig Beach
Rogers Tennis Complex Behind Mudd-Blaisdell
S. Campus Parking/Field Open area behind Oldenborg
Seaver Biology Building NW corner of College and Seventh Avenues
Seaver House Marston Quad (west end)
Seaver North Lab NW corner of College and Seventh Avenues
Seaver South Lab NW corner of College and Seventh Avenues
Seaver Theatre Open area behind Oldenborg
Seeley G. Mudd Hall 7th Street Parking Lot
Smiley Hall Marston Quad (east end)
Smith Campus Center Marston Quad (east end)
Soccer Field Merritt Field
Sontag Greek Theatre Open area behind Oldenborg
Sontag Hall Athearn Field
Strehle Track Merritt Field
Studio Art Center Open area behind Oldenborg
Sumner Hall Marston Quad (east end)
Sumner House Benton Courtyard
Tennis/Track Offices Merritt Field
Thatcher Music Building Marston Quad (west end)
Walker Hall Walker Beach
Walton Commons Athearn Field
Wig Hall Wig Beach
156 W. 7th St. NW corner of College and Seventh Avenues