Center for Global Engagement

Engaging with the wider world is central to the Pomona College experience. In the years ahead, a new Center for Global Engagement will rise at the heart of our campus.

The center will be a place where disciplines are interwoven in surprising ways, problems are confronted from fresh angles and people from all over the world come together to ask big questions and discover new answers. The center will facilitate and strengthen ties between our faculty and students — through academic inquiry, research and creative endeavors — and to communities both close to home and around the globe.

The Center for Global Engagement will encompass residence halls, a dining hall, language study and flexible academic spaces, and planning and design are well underway. Exterior design work is complete at this point while work on interior spaces continues through consultation with our community. If key steps in planning, design and fundraising are met, construction would begin in summer 2026.

Connecting our campus community in Southern California to the world, the newly imagined center will enhance learning across languages, cultures and disciplines. It will be located where the Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages, built in the 1960s, now stands — but the project represents far more than simply swapping-out one building for a newer one. The new center will be a completely novel living, breathing liberal arts laboratory.

And since the new global center will be one of the most ambitious and complex construction projects at Pomona in many decades, we are taking the time and effort to get it right.

The center will support the College’s larger effort to ensure that every Pomona student will meaningfully engage with global learning, whether from abroad or here in the U.S.