The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) conducts studies and facilitates the use of data to support planning and decision-making, inform teaching and learning, and promote understanding about Pomona College and its mission. The core work of the office spans several main areas:

  • Decision Support - Developing analytical approaches, tools and resources to facilitate institutional decision-making.
  • Planning - Working with campus constituents to clarify goals, develop meaningful measures of success, and facilitate institutional alignment around strategic priorities.
  • Research - Managing a longitudinal program of student, faculty, and alumni surveys and implementing targeted studies on a variety of topics relating to institutional goals.
  • Reporting - Providing College data to internal and external audiences.
  • Data Governance - Contributing to the development of policies and practices that support the effective, ethical use and stewardship of data assets.

The Office has standing assignments on the following College committees: President's Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD), the Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC), and the Data Governance Committee.