• Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Pomona College oversees the College’s leadership, planning and resources, working to ensure the continuing vitality of the institution and its ability to fulfill its mission now and for future generations.

The Board of Trustees may be contacted through its Board Secretary, Christina Ciambriello, (909) 621-8131.

Students may contact the Committee on Student Affairs directly.

Please see our Trustees Emeriti page for a list of trustees emeriti.

Board Documents

Bylaws of Pomona College [pdf]


Name Position
Samuel D. Glick '04
Chair of the Board
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Janet Inskeep Benton '79
Vice Chair
Founder, Frog Rock Foundation
Laszlo Bock '93 CEO, Humu
Onetta Brooks '74 Manager, Systems Engineering (Retired); Minister
Alison Rempel Brown '80, P'11'13'15
Vice Chair
President and CEO, Science Museum of Minnesota
Bernard Charnwut Chan '88 President, Asia Financial Holdings Ltd.
Jennifer Doudna '85 Professor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/UC Berkeley
Matthew J. Estes '88 Partner, Elite Capital
Kiki Ramos Gindler '83 President, The Center Theatre Group
Scott R. Green '88 Principal, 270 Capital
Allyson Aranoff Harris '89 Community Volunteer and Consultant
Jean Moran Kaplan '83 P'15
Vice Chair
Investor, Nalpak Capital
Osman Kibar '92 CEO, Samumed, LLC
Nathaniel "Nate" Kirtman III '92 Consultant, Blue Green Technologies
Bobby Lee '02
President and COO, JRK Property Holdings
Margaret G. Lodise '85 Partner, Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise, LLP
Stephen B. Loeb '79 P'09'13 President and CEO, Moda Beverages LLC
Wendell Jackson "Jack" Long P'13'15
Vice Chair
Xiaoye "MD" Ma '11
Young Alumni Trustee
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Libby Gates MacPhee '86 Social Worker
Thomas J. Minar '85 President, Franklin College
Jeffrey T. Parks '02 Co-Founder and General Partner, Riverwood Capital Management
Jason Rosenthal '92
Vice Chair
Peter G. Sasaki '91 Managing Member, CGS Associates, LLC
Francine P. Scinto P'09'11 Vice President and Secretary, Orange County Associates
R. Carlton Seaver
Vice Chair
Retired Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court
Michael S. Segal '79 Managing Partner, Fred Segal Family LLC
Aditya Sood '97 Genre Films
G. Gabrielle Starr President, Pomona College
John Starr '82 P'15'18 Chairman, UltraSource LLC
Diane Ung ’85
Bryan White '84 P'20 Founder, Sahsen Ventures, LLC
Jennifer Wilcox Thomas ’08 Vice President, Hall Capital Partners, LLC
Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran '69
Vice Chair
President Emerita, Kalamazoo College
Christina Wire '87
Vice Chair
Vice President, Global Operations, YouTube
Craig Wrench '83, P'13'16
Vice Chair
President and CEO, Washington Holdings
Mark B. Wyland '68 Senator (retired); Wyland Institute for Civic Education
Reza Zafari '82
Vice Chair
Managing Director-Private Wealth Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Alicia Zalesin P'14'17 Community Volunteer