Video Library

DVD & VHS Collection

The PBI Archive holds a collection of over 2,500 DVDs and VHS of documentaries and feature length films relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Films in this collection are available and circulated to the TCCS community as appropriate. Contact the PBI Archive to make an appointment and view the collection. Some highlights of this collection include:

  1. Historical Footage assembled from thirteen countries with materials ranging from Japan's colonization of Manchuria to the movement for democracy in South Korea to recently declassified US Dept. of Energy videos on atomic weapons testing programs.
  2. Production Footage shot on location throughout Asia from 1988 to 2001. Samples include Mongolian cavalry troops charging in full 13th century battle armor along the steppes; the birthday celebrations of Confucius in Qufu, China; Wayang Kulit performers in Yogyakarta and numerous city scenes of Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Manila, etc.
  3. Documentaries ranging from classics like Frank Capra's WWII “Know Your Enemy Japan,” to the US Dept. of Defense's “Know Your Enemy the Vietcong,” to a recent insider's view of North Korea. There is also a 12 volume series of award-winning student documentaries from the International Documentary Association.
  4. Feature films from throughout Asia, from old classics like “Song of China” (1936) to recent releases by filmmakers in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam and India.
  5. Interviews consisting of a very valuable collection of unique tapes: sample subjects include Kim Dae Jung, Kiichi Miyazawa, Vo Nguyen Giap, Dai Qing, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Akira Kurosawa, Charles Kades, Beate Gordon and Lee Kuan Yew.