Faculty Rental Program

Pomona College owns a limited number of rental homes reserved for faculty use. A complete description of the program is outlined in the Faculty Handbook. The highlights of the program are as follows: 


First priority is given to new, incoming tenure- track faculty from out of the area. Smaller units, including some furnished units, are also available for visiting faculty. All rental housing is subject to availability. 

How to Apply

To apply for faculty rental housing, complete a Request for Housing Form, which is included in the offer package from Dean’s Office. These forms must be completed and returned to the Dean’s Office, which forwards the form to the Real Property Office. 

Offers of Housing

Offers for new faculty rental housing are made by the Real Property Office, usually by the end of April, for the upcoming academic year. The offers are based on a number of factors including when the housing request form was submitted, how many people in the household versus the size of the units coming available, the estimated arrival dates of the new tenants, vacancy schedules, maintenance and refurbishment needs of the properties, whether the new tenant has pets, pending transfer requests, other special needs, etc.


Rental agreements are month-to-month. Eligibility for the faculty rental program is a maximum of 6 years. Once a faculty member declines an offer for rental housing or opts out of the program, their eligibility and priority status ceases, as the program is intended to benefit new incoming faculty. 


Occupancy is usually available for new faculty tenants after July 1, some exceptions may apply. 

Transfer Requests

Tenants in the rental program may request transfer to another unit based on changing needs. Transfers are subject to availability.

Temporary Housing

Faculty members may apply for temporary housing for one academic year or less, subject to availability. If there are insufficient new tenants resulting in a rental vacancy for a substantial part of an academic year, the vacant property may be rented out to faculty on a single or partial academic year basis, subject to restrictions and based on priority needs.