Student Leadership Values

At Pomona College, we seek to inspire leadership in all our students and believe that students experience and practice leadership in various ways. These values acknowledge leadership as a community practice where an individual works collaboratively with others to achieve goals that serve the larger community. We encourage our students to embody these values in their personal expressions of leadership.

Authentic Relationships:

Authentic relationships involve fostering genuine connections with diverse groups of people by engaging in thoughtful conversation and collaboration that respects, embraces, and values teamwork and acknowledges differences.


Accountability means being responsible for one’s own actions by listening to feedback, following through on commitments, and understanding the impact of your words and actions on others.


Empathy means looking at things from the perspective of others and seeking to understand what they are feeling and why.


Equity means seeking full participation and thriving for everyone by recognizing that people do not all start from the same place and working to intentionally address barriers and power imbalances.


Humility means placing yourself in equal standing with others by displaying genuine gratitude and respecting the dignity of all.


Inclusion means respecting the humanity of all people by striving to create an environment where people feel like they belong and are accepted as they are, inclusive of all identities they hold.


Intentionality means acting with purpose and deliberation by aligning your actions with the goals and causes of the communities you serve.


Open-mindedness means being receptive to new ideas by trusting others and actively searching for alternative ways of knowing, acting, and problem-solving.