Pomona Eco-Art


​​To all Aboard

They say to stop and smell the roses, but we bred them all for looks and now my nose is just unable to detect a single odor from these petals. It’s upsetting, and I’m fretting, for I fear we’re all forgetting how to harmonize with nature, can’t we see that she’s our maker?

Not the other way around, we’ve run amok and though we’re sounding the alarm I look around and see we’re stuck in the same boat and it is bound to run aground. It barely floats, it’s overloaded, oversold and overheating, say the articles I’m reading. But at least we stopped depleting precious ozone, that was neat, and while that’s one less hole inside our hull, our destination’s looking dull and so I grab an oar.

Now I’m rowing opposite a million diesel motors blowing smoke and spewing ash and rolling coal and throwing trash and though they have a ton of cash I’m pretty sure the ship is slowing. For the folks with oars are growing, we will number in the billions, and we’re all of the opinion we can stop the ship before we hit the edge and topple off the cliff that we’ve amassed while scratching our collective ass and thinking we could just extract and throw away and not look back.

We still have time to change our track, the route’s upwind but we can tack, we have the knowledge now to act, the world stage, a global pact. To be better, to aim higher, as floods get wetter and droughts drier. We’ll change faster, we’ll outlast it, for we know that we’re the masters of our fate. We mustn’t wait, it’s not too late, but we cannot afford to hesitate.

So now I stop and smell the poison ‘cause these daisies are invasive. The biologists have spoken, said we need to save the native plants, and birds, the bees and butterflies. Biodiversity can thrive. So let’s bring back the dinosaurs, enormous feline carnivores and giant wooly herbivores. Through our omnipotence, restore the Earth back to a time before we ravaged and we plundered, plains and forests burned asunder, kicked our own legs out from under us, we look around and wonder what to do. No longer can we monetize the toxic water, spoiled skies, the planet that we terrorized, like, are we really that surprised to learn we used all our supplies?

The surest way for us to rise, accept the truth, stop telling lies of separation. Us vs. Nature? That’s some harmful nomenclature. Stop the pillaging and stealing, sowing, growing leads to healing, quit ignoring and start dealing, better living, hopeful feelings. It is all within our power to postpone our final hour, mustn’t stay inside and cower, we can leave our ivory tower, join our place amidst the flowers, better hurry ‘cause it’s now or never, take a chance and take the bow, the curtain’s closing.