EcoReps— Creating a sustainable Pomona.


Pomona EcoReps serve the Pomona College community as a student-run sustainability hub. They aim to promote sustainable practices on campus by connecting students to information, resources, funding, and the Pomona College administration. EcoReps believe that everyone has something unique to contribute to the conversation and that environmentalism requires a community-based culture of awareness, care, and engagement.

The EcoReps promote energy- and water-saving, low-waste living, sustainable eating, and alternative transportation through tangible ways like leading trips to the local Farmers Market, cooking plant-based dinners, composting, hosting the Free Room Flea Markets, facilitating panels on current events, and more.


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Get to know your EcoReps!

Diana Castellanos - Head EcoRep

Hometown: Del Aire, CA

Major: Biology

Why are you an EcoRep? From a very young age, my appreciation of nature has been nurtured by my experiences of feeding the ducks at Polliwog Park, growing squash in my grandparents’ garden, and watching the sunset from the Palos Verdes bluffs. Through these experiences, I have realized my love for the outdoors and the importance of caring for our environment.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? I really enjoy gardening! In the last few months, I have expanded my fruit, vegetable, and herb garden. I love watching my sprouts grow and getting to eat the fruits of my labor.

Susannah Budd - Head EcoRep

Hometown: Bow, NH

Major: Geology

Why are you an EcoRep? I am an EcoRep because I am very interested in sustainability and environmentalism, and I love talking about it with others and spreading awareness. The primary job of an EcoRep is to engage with the student body about topics of sustainability, and it is always so fun and rewarding to talk about and share your passion with others!

What's your favorite sustainability habit? My favorite sustainability habit is vegetarianism! I am passionate about food systems sustainability, and I love learning about plant-based cooking.

Dede Chapline

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Major: Geology

Why are you an EcoRep? I want to inspire my generation to involve themselves deeply in sustainability efforts as the urgency of climate change continues to grow. As a geology major, I am uniquely equipped to think about how small environmental and ecological changes can create large-scale feedback systems that precipitate disastrous, long-term extinction events. Thus I am hoping that we can all band together to end dangerous environmental practices and protect the natural environment that we all love and rely on!

What's your favorite sustainability habit? Cutting out meat!

Jay Scott

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Art History

Why are you an EcoRep? I love collaborating with the other EcoReps and I also really enjoy connecting with other students about sustainable solutions to issues on campus.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? Bringing my own bag!

Johnny Ellsworth

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Major: Undecided, but interested in Public Policy Analysis

Why are you an EcoRep? Because we each have a role in preserving and rehabilitating nature. Sustainability should carry with us wherever we are. EcoReps allows me to contribute to that cause—even if we are remote. Plus, the people are awesome!

What's your favorite sustainability habit? Watering the young native trees at my elementary school. Planting them was part of my Eagle Scout Project!

Kylie Wong

Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA

Major: Environmental Analysis

Why are you an EcoRep? I am an EcoRep because I get to work for the Sustainability Office at Pomona, which is a really precious space that has the potential to create major change on campus. I want to contribute to the growing dialogue about sustainability and to learn how to articulate climate issues to help people understand that climate change affects everyone differently. My goal is to spread awareness about the consequences of climate change so that others can understand how to contribute to the fight against climate change in actionable ways. I have a big passion for what I do and what I study, so feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat about the EA major, or anything related to our natural and built environment!

What's your favorite sustainability habit? I love visiting farmer’s markets! I would often go to the one that takes place every Sunday in Claremont. Now that I am back home, I go with my mom from time to time to the markets near me. In an effort to improve my living space, I have started a mini plant collection. I love tending to all my little plants! Not only do they give me peace of mind, they also purify the air in my room!

Maria Duran Gonzalez

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Undecided

Why are you an EcoRep? I am passionate about educating others on food security, reducing food waste, and environmental justice.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? My favorite sustainability habit is cooking to avoid waste as much as possible and using as much of the produce.

Maya Nitschke-Alonso

Hometown: Madison, WI

Major: Public Policy Analysis - Physics

Why are you an EcoRep? I learn and teach about sustainability on so many levels -- from individual green habits to campus energy usage to statewide climate policy. Working with the other EcoReps always fuels my creativity and energy to push for environmental awareness and sustainable action.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? Buying secondhand!

Olivia DeAngelis

Hometown: Boise, ID

Major: Biology & Anthropology

Why are you an EcoRep? I am an EcoRep because I want to help highlight ways in which we can live more sustainably with both small and large actions.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? Zero Waste DIYing and Crafting!

Sara Anderson

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Major: International Relations

Why are you an EcoRep? I want there to be an Earth in the future where we can still hike in forests where there are still trees, swim in oceans that aren't choked with plastic, and enjoy nature in its unadulterated forms. It's hard to make a dent as an individual, but as a collective in a group such as EcoReps I believe that I can make a difference, however small.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? My favorite sustainability habit is going to the grocery store and getting as many products that don't have plastic as possible, recycling whenever there is plastic, and just experimenting with sustainable products.

Siena Swift

Hometown: Kailua, HI

Major: Politics

Why are you an EcoRep? I am really passionate about environmental justice and equitable access to sustainable resources. I love being able to make a positive difference on campus with the support of the Sustainability Office.

What's your favorite sustainability habit? Always carrying a reusable water bottle!