Construct, operate, and maintain efficient buildings and outdoor venues to create healthy spaces and minimize environmental impact.


In 2017, Pomona College published SAVE, an ambitious guide for creating and managing a sustainable campus community. The plan outlines measurable strategies that lead the College to achieve ambitious sustainability goals and reach carbon neutrality by 2030. Selected goals related to buildings and grounds are described below. The full report can be found here.

  • 100% of new construction buildings are certified LEED Gold
  • 100% of buildings comply with Pomona College's Green Building Standards
  • 100% compliance with Pomona College's Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Standards
  • Eliminate synthetic solid and liquid fertilizer
  • 45 buildings are continually commissioned via an online energy management platform
  • 90% of chemical cleaning products are sustainable*
  • 100% of paper cleaning products are sustainable*
  • 100% of landscaping is done organically

*Certified by Ecologo, Green Seal, Safer Choice, or Forest Stewardship Council

Integrated Pest Management

Dining Services staff test out new Activeion chemical-free cleaning units.

The entire campus is managed with IPM standards, emphasizing natural methods of pest and weed control instead of applying chemicals (including pesticides).

Synthetic fertilizer reduction

Grounds continuously assesses new organic fertilizers for replacement of synthetic varieties. Grounds has also implemented a number of practices to help reduce stress on the turf and ornamentals, thus reducing pesticide and fertilizer use. In 2014-2015, Grounds used zero synthetic fertilizers on campus.

Low-VOC Fixtures/ Furnishings

Low-VOC paints, sealants, carpets, furniture, and other items are selected for major renovation and capital projects including the North Campus Residence Halls, the Harwood Court Renovation, Draper Center, Grounds Building, Studio Art Hall, and Millikan.