Support a clean environment and healthy community through accessible, low-emission transportation.


In 2017, Pomona College published SAVE, an ambitious guide for creating and managing a sustainable campus community. The plan outlines measurable strategies that lead the College to achieve ambitious sustainability goals and reach carbon neutrality by 2030. Selected transportation-related goals are described below, and the full report can be found here.

  • Implement an Offset Plan to neutralize travel emissions
  • 15% reduction in single occupancy vehicle commuting miles*
  • 15% reduction in commuting emissions*
  •  30% reduction in single occupancy vehicle commuting miles*
  • Transportation is Carbon Neutral through implementation of the 2020 Offset Plan

*Goals are based on a 2014 baseline


In 2018, Pomona College was listed as one of the top performing campuses in sustainable transportation in Sustainable Campus Index 2018 by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. 

Green Bikes

Student works in the GreenBikes shop.

The Green Bikes Shop provides bike repair services free of charge and offers new bike parts at a discounted price.

A young woman standing in front of a Foothill Transit bus.

With the Class Pass, students, faculty, and staff can ride the Foothill Transit buses for free.

There are 13 Zipcar shared cars for daily or hourly rental on campus, including hybrids.

This student-run program rents over 200 used bikes free of charge to campus members, repairs bikes for free, and hosts a variety of bicycling-related workshops and events designed to increase bicycling amongst the campus community. The program obtains bikes through donations and through the collection of bikes abandoned on campus at the end of the school year.

The Claremont College Class Pass

The Class Pass Pilot program provides students currently enrolled at The Claremont Colleges, and faculty and staff employed at The Claremont Colleges or The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) unlimited free rides on Foothill Transit buses. This pass is accepted on all Foothill Transit Local and Silver Streak buses which can connect you to 22 cities including downtown Los Angeles. Bring your  student ID to the Honnuld/Mudd library to get your class pass!

Car Sharing/Carpooling

Zipcar Program

Pomona College has contracted with Zipcar car-sharing to provide rental cars for students on campus. For more information about membership eligibility, or to sign up, please go to the Zipcar website for Pomona.

Rentable Transportation for Students

The College provides a rentable passenger van and 25-passenger bus for individual students or groups needing transportation to the airport, events, shopping trips, etc. This reduces the need for students to bring cars to campus and encourages carpooling.

Local Shuttle Trips

The College provides regularly scheduled free-of-charge shuttle trips to nearby grocery and other stores throughout the year. This reduces the need for students to bring cars to campus and encourages carpooling.

Rideshare Program

This program gives $2/day to employees who carpool, walk, bike, drive ZEVs or use public transit and pays for up to $100 of monthly public transportation commuting costs.

Internship Driving Reduction

The Career Development Office has put together a transportation program for the Pomona College Internship Program that encourages and provides incentives for carpooling, using public transportation, and walking or cycling to work. This includes a partnership begun in 2009-10 with the Green Bikes program to provide bikes when PCIP participants need them.

Alternative Fuels

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The college offers 8 EV charging stations operated through the ChargePoint network, located in the South Campus Parking Structure on the first floor north end.  Faculty and staff can access reduced rates at these stations by contacting for more information. Guest charging is available for $1.25 per hour.