Green Your Office

What can you and your office do to reduce your environmental impact? 

By making a few simple changes, offices can reduce their environmental footprint, help the College save money, and work towards Pomona's long-term sustainability goals.

Office Supply ReCoop

The Sustainability Office has a wide selection of gently used office supplies available for free to Pomona faculty and staff. Stop by at any time to pick out new binders and desk organizers for your office or donate unwanted materials!

Printer Paper

Tree Zero paper is an affordable way to reduce the impact of your office's printing needs. The paper is comparable in cost to conventional paper, but it is carbon neutral and made from sugarcane fibers rather than trees. Consider switching to tree zero paper for all of your office's printing needs.

Rideshare Program

Consider carpooling to reduce transportation-related emissions. The rideshare program gives $2/day to employees who carpool, walk, bike, drive ZEVs or use public transit, and rideshare pays for up to $100 of monthly public transportation commuting costs.


For more information or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sustainability Office at