Recoop 2014

ReCoop keeps tons of left-behind items out of the landfill each year, reselling them to students at the start of each new academic year.

ReCoop aims to promote responsible living and a culture of reuse within the Pomona College community. ReCoop collects unwanted items at the end of the school year, and then resells them at discounted prices at the fall ReCoop sales.

Common items for sale include microwaves, lamps, power strips, storage bins, pillows, tables, chairs, rugs, fans, room decorations, couches, and school, cleaning, and kitchen supplies. We also offer hangers for free!

ReCoop Book Room

The book room gathers students' unwanted textbooks and books, and resells them at discounted prices. The ReCoop Book Room, located in Walker Lounge, has sales throughout the school year. Please check the ReCoop Book Sale page for upcoming sales. For a list of current books, please visit our Goodreads page.

ReCoop Office

ReCoop office aims to recycle office products within the college rather than seeing these items go to the landfill. One office's trash is another office's treasure. Items include paper, pens, organizers, folders, and other miscellaneous office supplies. Please bring donations to the sustainability office. For a list of current inventory, please visit: ReCoop Office Inventory.