Want a quick glimpse of the program? Check out this introductory guide [pdf] .

Ready to start? Fill out the department form, and have everyone in your office fill out the individual form.

What can you and your office do to reduce your environmental impacts? What are other offices doing?

The Green Office Program is designed to help offices implement sustainable practices into their workplaces.  By making a few simple changes, offices can reduce their environmental footprint, help the College save money, meet the administration's sustainability goals and commitments, and respond to the overwhelming interest of students, faculty, staff, trustees and the surrounding community in sustainability.  After completing actions suggested by the program, offices are assessed and receive one of four certifications levels.  Certified offices can display their certification and will be recognized in campus publications. 

Certified Offices
Certification Level
ASPC Bronze Susan Sellons
Bridges Auditorium Silver Karen Fagan
Computer Science in progress Lori Keala
Costume Shop in progress Suzanne Schultz Reed
Dean of the College Bronze Tania Pantoja
Duplicating Services Silver Christine Maynard
EA, Neuroscience, Interdisciplinary Programs Silver Anne Tessier
Geology in progress Lori Keala
Kenyon House Silver Laura Rowley
KSPC Gold Erica Tyron
Mathematics Gold Kathy Sheldon
Office of Campus Life Bronze Ric Townes
Office of the President in progress Stephanie Navarro
Office of Study Abroad Gold Nancy Anderson
Oldenborg Silver Rita Bashaw
Ombuds Office Silver Conchita Serra
Outdoor Education Center in progress Martin Crawford
Physics and Astronomy Silver Natalie Hughes
Public Policy Analysis Silver Hilary LaConte
Office of the Registrar in progress Jeannine Appel
SIO Platinum Ginny Routhe
Writing Center Platinum Pam Bromley



  1. Acquaint yourself with the program by looking through this web page and the forms (see top of the page).
  2. Email sustainability@pomona.edu to let them know you're interested in participating in the program.
  3. Have one person in the office fill out the Department Form, and send everyone in the office the Individual Form. At least 50% participation is required for Green Office certification. SIO staff are happy to come fill out the Department Form with you, if you'd like, and to answer any questions.
  4. After the Department Form has been submitted and at least 50% of people in the office have responded, the SIO will calculate your certification level and contact you. They will bring by any Green Office resources you might want (including recycling bin stickers, light switch stickers, double-sided printing/copying reminders, trash signs, and purchasing guide). They will help you identify strategies for becoming even more sustainable and answer any questions you might have.
  5. Congratulations!  Your office is now certified for two years! The SIO will give you a poster to hang in your lounge or main office, or on your bulletin boards.
  6. At any time you may re-do the forms to apply for a higher level of certification. 
  7. The SIO will contact you when it is time to re-certify.

The Forms

The Department Form should be filled out by one person in the office. The Individual Form should be filled out by at least 50% of people in the office, and points are awarded for participation!

SIO staff are happy to come to the office to fill out the forms together, or to answer any questions you might have.


For more information or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sustainability Integration Office at sustainability@pomona.edu.