Rubric for Assessing Student Participation

Tools for Assessment

Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence

Component Exemplary (90%- 100%) Proficient (80%-90%) Developing (70%-80%) Unacceptable (>70%)

Frequency of participation in class

Student initiates contributions more than once in each recitation.

Student initiates contribution once in each recitation.

Student initiates contribution at least in half of the recitations

Student does not initiate contribution & needs instructor to solicit input.

Quality of comments

Comments always insightful & constructive; uses appropriate terminology. Comments balanced between general impressions, opinions & specific, thoughtful criticisms or contributions.

Comments mostly insightful & constructive; mostly uses appropriate terminology. Occasionally comments are too general or not relevant to the discussion.

Comments are sometimes constructive, with occasional signs of insight. Student does not use appropriate terminology; comments not always relevant to the discussion.

Comments are uninformative, lacking in appropriate terminology. Heavy reliance on opinion & personal taste, e.g., “I love it”, “I hate it”, “It’s bad” etc.

Listening Skills

Student listens attentively when others present materials, perspectives, as indicated by comments that build on others’ remarks, i.e., student hears what others say & contributes to the dialogue.

Student is mostly attentive when others present ideas, materials, as indicated by comments that reflect & build on others’ remarks. Occasionally needs encouragement or reminder from T.A of focus of comment.

Student is often inattentive and needs reminder of focus of class. Occasionally makes disruptive comments while others are speaking.

Does not listen to others; regularly talks while others speak or does not pay attention while others speak; detracts from discussion; sleeps, etc.