Schedules, Timesheets and Paychecks

Work Schedules

Students are limited to a maximum of twelve (12) hours of work per week while school is in session.  During summer, the maximum number per week is forty (40) hours. 

Overtime is not authorized. A student may not work more than 4 hours and 59 minutes without taking a half-hour meal break. Meal breaks must be documented with in/out times on your timesheet in Kronos (the online timekeeping system). A student may never work more than eight (8) hours in one day, or more than forty (40) hours in one week, which constitutes overtime.

Kronos & Timesheets

All students will log their hours in the Kronos Timekeeping System. First-time users will receive a tutorial from Payroll via email, explaining account set-up and use of the system. Students may also seek guidance from their supervisor. Whether you hold one job or multiple jobs, you are required to use the job "transfer" field drop-down menu to assign all hours worked to a specific job. 

You will complete a green timesheet only until you are notified via email by the Payroll Department that you are now active on Kronos. Once notified, all students must use Kronos for all subsequent pay periods. Returning students needing assistance in setting up the job transfer field in Kronos may review our Kronos Student Quick Guide.


Students are paid every other Friday, for the preceding pay period ending the previous Saturday at midnight. Please refer to the Kronos schedule [xlsx] for deadlines. If you have enrolled in direct deposit, your paycheck will be electronically deposited into your personal bank account. A pay stub confirming the deposit will be sent to your Smith Campus Center mailbox if requested. Direct deposit pay stubs can be viewed and printed from the portal.

If you have not enrolled in direct deposit, your paycheck will be delivered to your campus mailbox. If you do not receive a paycheck after submitting your timesheet, please contact the Payroll Department.

For questions regarding Payroll, Direct Deposit, and Paychecks, please contact the Payroll Department. Lawrence Youhanna, the Payroll Manager, may be contacted at (909) 607-3408; and Marty Black at (909) 607-5904.