Languages at Pomona

At Pomona, language learning comes alive.

All students must fulfill a language requirement. We offer full academic programs in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Add to these options Arabic, Greek, Italian, Korean, Latin and Portuguese at neighboring Claremont Colleges.

Beyond the classroom, you can get tutoring, explore foreign films and publications or even get help to create your own manga or graphic novels through the Foreign Language Resource Center, a high-tech, friendly space for language study.

To truly immerse yourself, there is the Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations, a residence hall where students live in sections devoted to Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish. Language residents for each of the six areas are there to help students along in their learning.

It’s more than a dorm. Oldenborg’s dining hall welcomes the wider campus community to lunch-time tables to practice speaking languages ranging from Tagalog to Swahili to Armenian. The center also hosts lunchtime talks on international topics, and international Karaoke Klub nights – any song, any language.

Pomona’s Self Instructional Language Program gives students the chance to study less-commonly taught languages in an academically rigorous program, with Persian and Swahili available currently.

Language study often leads the way to an overseas experience through Study Abroad. Those programs in 32 nations across the globe, from China to the Czech Republic, can be life-changing.

You’ll also find opportunities closer to home. Living near Los Angeles, a gateway to the world, offers the chance for language exposure and engagement just beyond campus.