Summer Students Arrive on Campus

Student moving on campus to Oldenborg.

The first small group of students is back at Pomona, after more than 15 months of a campus closed by the pandemic. Twenty-eight students are moving into Oldenborg over the next few days to take part in summer research opportunities such as the RAISE program, as well as on-campus jobs. 

Here’s what they had to say about returning or living on campus for the very first time:

Ben Baraga ’24

“I'm so excited to see people in person! Obviously, I'm excited to talk, interact, and eat with them as well, but even just seeing people in-person that I've only ever seen on Zoom (since I'm a rising sophomore) is so novel and exciting to me. Also, as an Admissions Office tour guide, I already know how cool campus is... I just haven't ever lived here!

Leslie Paz ’24

“I’m excited about having my own study space and own desk! Having to write essays on my kitchen table at 3 a.m. was not ideal. I’m also excited about meeting people in person who I had only met through Zoom. I’m curious to see how tall everyone is!”

Mason Cai ’24  

“I’m working with Professor Choi on a RAISE project, and while I’m doing something cool with astrophysics, I also want to learn practical skills that I can use later. For the fall, I’m really looking forward to living with roommates because I’ve never had roommates before. I want to have the experience of studying together and eating together.” 

Ethan Collins ’23

“I missed the social environment. It is such an essential aspect of college that I didn’t I realize it until it was gone. Being physically back on campus also makes me feel back in the swing of things. This summer I will work on a RAISE project looking at populist rhetoric in ancient Athenian democracy.”

Kevin Carlson ’24 

“Since this summer will be my first time on campus (other than a tour I took during my junior year of high school), I'm most happy to finally get to begin my true college experience. I'll be participating in Pomona's RAISE program, working with Professor Wolf on an independent research project studying the Bible's influence on early Medieval European colonial perceptions of West Africa.”  

Lucy Pan ’24

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and trying out new food. I’m definitely looking forward to the weather since I’m originally from New York. I can’t wait for fall, for orientation and having in-person classes.”