Pomona College Art Professor Sandeep Mukherjee looks down from stairway on his art installation at YouTube Theater.

Prof. Sandeep Mukherjee's Art Graces YouTube Theater

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Tony Jin student award

Tony Jin ’22 Earns Recognition for Anthropology Research on Chinese Queer Activism

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outdoor classrooms, eric hurley

Taking Academia Outdoors

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Geology Professor Jade Star Lackey at Kings Canyon National Park
Prof. Robert Gaines and fossil
A boy with lab equipement, a yellow bird and the Morgan Crusader bible in the background
Phoebe Thompson Classics
Masha Prokopenko, Geology Faculty, In the field
Headshot of Bob Gaines
River in South China
Bob Gaines at Kootenay Park
Professor Linda Reinen is looking at Alida as they sit before a table.
Jeff Friedman, Class of 2019, SURP, Theatre
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