Julia Frankel '23, left, interviews an Israeli lawmakers in July.

Julia Frankel ’23 Reports from Jerusalem for The Associated Press

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Zoe Batterman on Stover Walk

Zoë Batterman ’24 Wins National Undergraduate Mathematics Prize

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Betsy Ding serves dinner in Dialynas Hall

Betsy Ding ’24 is Constantly Creating on Campus

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Myrlie Evers-Williams ’68 gives the invocation at President Obama's inauguration
Illustration based upon an editorial cartoon published in the Los Angeles Times in 1915, with two old cars loaded with football and rugby players. The first car is labeled “American.” The second car, which is broken down, is labeled “Rugby.”
Close up of José Clemente Orozco with barbed wire reflected in his glasses
A map of Northern Spain with pins showing Kendall Jones route, with three photographs showing scenes from his trip and the group of students he helped to rescue
Illustration with silhouette of man falling into a network of curving lines, with two bottles—one marked "Romanticism" and the other "Time Travel Sickness Pills"
Illustration with a range of fantasy characters
Dr. Emil Kakkis
Allison Jones on the set of the comedy The Office.
John Shannon looking out a window
Laszlo Bock ’93 shows off am indoor playground at Google headquarters
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