Faculty Partners

The faculty highlighted below are individuals who have been in contact with PCCEC and have iterated support and interest in the vision of a community research hub. We hope to continue to expand the database of professors that are interested in conducting collaborative projects with local non-profit organizations in and around the City of Pomona. Please fill out this Faculty Partner Intake Form to be added to the Pomona College Community Engagement Center database and share any project ideas that you may have. Additionally, the contact information of some organizations that have demonstrated interest in community-engaged/ real-world projects can be found on the Community Partners page.


Joanne Nucho

With research interests such as visual anthropology, urban studies and critical infrastructure studies, Professor Nucho has experience in film and communication accessibility which she would be interested in using for a collaborative project within the city of Pomona. One class of interest taught by Nucho is ANTH122 Cooperative Filmmaking for Social Change.

Chicana Latina Studies

Gilda Ochoa

With a focus on qualitative research centered around race, class, and gender in Chicana/Latina studies, Professor Ochoa is a community-engaged professor that strives to increase accessibility to higher education for historically marginalized and underrepresented students.

Computer Science

Katherine Breeden

As the Harvey Mudd Capstone Program Director, Professor Breeden helps facilitate the projects selected for HMC’s clinic program.

Zachary Dodds

Professor Dodds is the Clinic Relations Director.

Data Science

Xin Xin

Professor Xin works on socially-engaged software to reshape language and power relations.


Ananda Ganguly

Professor Ganguly teaches multiple classes in cost management and financial and managerial economics. These classes include projects that deal with assessing the cost-benefit analysis of entities and services.

Environmental Analysis/Science

Marc Los Huertos

With an interest in sustainable agriculture and ecology, Professor Los Huertos has experience working with farmers to develop sustainable farming techniques emphasizing positive impacts on soil, air and water quality.

Susan Phillips

Professor Phillips teaches a Community Planning Praxis course at Pitzer College which integrates her activism into the curriculum and allows students to learn about grassroots organizing and work hands-on in the community by attending planning meetings at city council. Professor Philips has a special research interest in gangs, tattoos and graffiti and has worked within communities of previously incarcerated individuals.

Branwen Williams

Not only does Professor Williams teach environmental science courses such as Science and the Environment, Oceanography, and Global Climate Change, but she is the director of Claremont McKenna’s Roberts Environmental Center which connects students with environmental startups and other organizations to address real-world environmental issues taking all aspects- including science, economics, and policy- into consideration.


Colin Robins

Professor Robins teaches courses pertaining to soil health and environmental science.


April Mayes

Professor Mayes is an Associate Dean of Pomona College and a coordinator of the Latin American Studies Department.


Gabriel Chandler

With an area of expertise in statistics and statistical theory, Professor Chandler has experience processing large sets of data. Courses that may have the potential for community partner collaborative projects include 154 Comp Stats, 155 Time Series, and 158 Stat Linear Models.

Ami E. Radunskaya

Professor Radunskaya teaches math modeling at the Claremont Colleges and has previously worked with the Inland Empire Opioid Crisis Coalition to use practical math modeling to support the needs of the organization.

Talithia Williams

Professor Williams is the Clinic Director of the Mathematics Department. She has previously partnered with the World Health Organization and aims to make sophisticated numerical concepts accessible to everyone to be used for solve real-world problems.