Distinguished Staff Award

Joaquin Rios and Cynthia Madrigal

Cynthia Madrigal and Joaquin Rios Won the 2024 Distinguished Staff Award

The Distinguished Staff Award was established in 1997 as a special initiative of the Campaign for Pomona College. The fund, which is now an endowed account, reflects the generosity of many individual faculty and staff members, as well as a special contribution from former Pomona President Peter W. Stanley. The Distinguished Staff Award committee looks for a staff member who distinguishes herself or himself some way through service or effort beyond what is required in their daily job. Examples can include, but are not limited to, service to the entire constituency, consistent high level of performance, high performance in the face of particularly daunting work conditions, an outstanding act of some sort, exemplary personal characteristics--kindness, helpfulness, innovation or creativity. It can also be a staff member who goes out of their way to bring staff together or serves in some capacity that enhances the Pomona College community. It could also be someone who goes out of their way to help or befriend students. Since staff are employed in so many different work situations on campus, the ways that staff can distinguish themselves are varied and complex. 

To be eligible for nomination, a staff member needs to have worked for Pomona College for at least five years and cannot be a current member of the Distinguished Staff Award Selection Committee. Past awardees are not eligible for nomination.

2024: Cynthia Madrigal and Joaquin Rios
2023: Lauri Bell, Asena Taione-Filihia and Lawrence Youhanna
2022: Gina Brown-Pettay, Matt Walker and Blanca Flores
2021: Sefa Aina, Joseph Brennan and Sandra Lundergan-Price
2020: Nita Kansara, Quantitative Skills Center, and Mark Wood, Office of Communications
2019: Travis Brown, Quantitative Skills Center
2018: Adan Amaya, Mail Services
2017: Lori Keala, Geology and Computer Science
2017: M. Ricardo Townes, Student Affairs
2016: Wanda Gibson, Career Development
2015: Steve Comba, Museum of Art
2014: Dave Haley, Physics and Astronomy
2014: Erica Tyron, KSPC
2013: Orlando Gonzalez, Maintenance
2013: Brenda Schmit, Smith Campus Center
2012: Art Rodriguez, Admissions

2011: Vicki Hirales, Philosophy/Classics/Religious Studies/PPE
2010: Cathy Seaman, Theatre
2009: Frank Bedoya, Campus Life
2008: Jo Grodsky, Chemistry
2008: Ralph Pezoldt, Information Systems
2007: Raye Calderón, Grounds
2007: Kathy Sheldon, Mathematics
2006: Martha Cerrato, Oldenborg Dining Services
2006: Barbara Clonts, English and Classics
2005: Glenn Flohr, Physics and Astronomy
2005: Janis Moormann, Investment and Trust Services
2004: Don Pattison, Communications
2003: Evelyn Khalili, Politics
2002: María Ramirez, Housekeeping
2001: Margaret Lohre, Annuity and Trust
2000: Judy Brown, Campus Planning and Maintenance
1999: Gail Stiffler, Dean’s Office