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Organ Transplant

The original Möller pipe organ in Bridges Hall of Music was replaced by a new Möller organ.


Newspaper Reductions

In a cost-saving measure, the Student Council cut the number of The Student Life issues to two a week, in hopes that it could begin to pay for itself.

From the Metate

On students working at Pomona: "No surprise is the statement that there is more to college than books and midnight oil. Pleasure and valuable experience as well as economic remuneration are to be had by the many students who wish to work. Some 40 per cent of the students help themselves financially, in part, through their college year. An average of something over $100 is earned by the majority of the employed. Dormitory work, from dish washing to service, is the main field for those needing monetary increment. Numerous and varied are other fields of employment, some salaried, others gratuitous; registration lines, lab assistants, election boards, ticket salesman."


Long Jump Record

Robert Fernandes ’41 broke 24 feet in the long jump for the men’s track and field team, a school record that would hold for 30 years. 


Menuhin Performs

Violinist Yehudi Menuhin performed as part of The Claremont Colleges Artist Course series.


Amelia Earhart was officially declared dead after her disappearance.

Albert Einstein wrote to President Franklin Roosevelt about developing the atomic bomb using uranium, leading to the creation of the Manhattan Project.

Germany invaded Poland, launching World War II.