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Influence of Ethnic Policy on Chinese Middle School History Curriculum Since 1949

Mingyan Ma ('13); Mentors: Dru C. Gladney, Arthur Rosembaum (CMC)

Abstract: Through comparing and analyzing the 7 different sets of History Curriculum Standard issued by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, as well as the 7 respective sets of middle school history textbooks published by People's Education Press, this research investigates the pattern of changes of history curriculum from 1949 to 2010. Through examining the interpretation of related historical events, I found that even though “China is a united multi-ethnic country” has been an official PRC policy since 1949, the representation of ethnic minority in history curriculum experienced some rather radical changes. From a historiographical perspective, these changes represented a shift of understanding in the trends and driving forces in ancient Chinese history. From a policy perspective, these changes represented the shifting idea of what it means to be “Chinese,” gradually incorporating more ethnic minority groups into the Chinese identity.
Funding Provided by: Asian Studies Program Summer Research Grant