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4/7 Celebration of Sagehen Impact

Virtual 4-7 Event Celebrating Sagehens Impact

Join Fellow Sagehens Online This 4/7/21 and Celebrate #SagehenImpact

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Saghens making a difference in medicine

Sagehens making a difference in medicine at Harbor UCLA

Chirp about #SagehenImpact every year on 4/7!

In-person events are currently on pause. Watch your email and Sagehen social media for virtual event information during 2020-2021. Email Alumni and Parent Engagement with questions or for additional information on Pomona College Events.

Join Your Fellow Sagehens for an Online Celebration of #SagehenImpact on 4/7/21

Check out this year's online 4/7 #SagehenImpact Day recognizing and honoring the good deeds being done by members of the Pomona community and featuring special presentations from alumni, faculty and students.

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On Sagehen Social Media—What's Your #SagehenImpact?

Whenever, wherever and however you choose to make change happen, share it with the Pomona community on April 7 during our annual Celebration of #SagehenImpact! Chirp about the difference you or fellow Sagehens are making in the world every day. Use a 4/7 Selfie Sign, or any other photo you'd like to share, and post a quick message with hashtag #SagehenImpact in the Alumni Facebook Group, Parents & Families Facebook Group, on Instagram or on Twitter. Then come back throughout the day to see what others are doing to change the world for the better!

47 Ways to Make an Impact

Looking for ideas on how you can make your own impact? The Alumni Association Board has a few—or perhaps 47—ideas for you.