Yashna Nandan '17

Yashna Nandan '17

Yashna Nandan '17

My decision to major in economics was not a difficult one. Early on, I realized that economics allowed me to approach my interests in health care, welfare, and development from a quantitative perspective.

While my Macroeconomic Theory course helped me appreciate the elegance of theoretical economics, my Economic Development course showed me the incredible scope of applied microeconomics.

As I continued to take classes in the department, I had the pleasure of getting to know the wonderful faculty and Carnegie began to feel like a second home. Majoring in economics gives me the opportunity to branch off into any field, while also providing me with the tangible skills to tackle any problem by “thinking like an economist.”

Pamela Chiemela Diala '16

Pamela Chiemela Diala ‘16

Pamela Chiemela Diala '16

When I began my college career, I was looking for something that was more than just a field of study but a lifestyle, something that was simply about the way one lives. Economics proved to be that major for it offered me an opportunity to create an impactful change. The formulation and execution of monetary policy, the crafting of sound and efficient regulations all heavily rely on sound economic analysis. As someone interested in national and world economies, I have come to see that a simple solution rarely fixes a systematic issue. Having an understanding of economic theories has made me come to appreciate that any action taken has repercussions, repercussions that must be respected because they directly impact the lives of many, in particular the poor. I find it difficult to believe that I could have gotten a grander perspective of the world with a different degree.