Gender and Women's Studies Faculty
Prof. Zayn Kassam
Zayn Kassam
Professor of Religious Studies; Chair of Religious Studies; Coordinator of Gender and Women's Studies; Director of Pacific Basin Institute
Pearsons Hall 104
(909) 607-4095
Aimee Bahng
Aimee Bahng
Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies
Treva Ellison
Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Jessica Martinez-Tebbel
Lecturer in Gender and Women's Studies
Kyla Tompkins, associate professor of English at Pomona College
Kyla Wazana Tompkins
Associate Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies
Crookshank Hall 104
(909) 607-2817
Gender and Women's Studies Affiliated Faculty
Eleanor Brown
Eleanor P. Brown
James Irvine Professor of Economics
Carnegie Building 216
(909) 607-2810
Suzanne Chavez-Silverman
Susana Chávez-Silverman
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
Mason Hall 229
(909) 621-8938
Prof. Eileen Cheng
Eileen J. Cheng
Associate Professor of Chinese
Mason Hall 208
(909) 607-7109
Prof. Angelina Chin
Angelina Yanyan Chin
Associate Professor of History; On leave Fall 2019
Mason Hall 114
(909) 607-5742
Prof. George Gorse
George L. Gorse
Viola Horton Professor of Art and Professor of Art History; Chair of Art History
Lebus Court 208
(909) 607-3914
Jill S. Grigsby
Jill S. Grigsby
Richard Steele Professor of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology; On leave Spring 2020
Hahn Hall 220
(909) 607-3026
Heidi Haddad
(909) 607-8751
Prof. Phyllis Jackson
Phyllis J. Jackson
Associate Professor of Art History
Lebus Court 203
(909) 607-2971
Prof. Rachel Levin
Rachel N. Levin
Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
Seaver Biology 139
(909) 621-8632
Associate Professor Joyce Lu
Joyce Lu
Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance; Chair of Theatre and Dance
Seaver Theatre
(909) 607-4385
April Mayes
April J. Mayes
Associate Professor of History; Chair of History
(909) 607-2919
Prof. Lynne Miyake
(909) 621-8931
Nivia Montenegro
Nivia Montenegro
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
Mason Hall 226
(909) 621-8943
Gilda Ochoa
Gilda L. Ochoa
Professor of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies; Coordinator of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies
Lincoln Hall 1102
(909) 607-2604
Frances Pohl
Frances K. Pohl
Emerita Professor of Art History
Lebus Court 212
(909) 607-2253
Prof. Sarah Raff
Sarah Raff
Associate Professor of English; On leave for the 2019-2020 academic year
Crookshank Hall 202
(909) 607-2837
Lynn Rapaport
Lynn Rapaport
Henry Snyder Professor of Sociology
Hahn Hall 219
(909) 607-4349
Larissa Rudova
Larissa V. Rudova
Yale B. and Lucille D. Griffith Professor of Modern Languages and Professor of German and Russian; Coordinator of the Russian Section
Mason Hall 104
(909) 621-8649
Erin Runions
Erin M. Runions
Professor of Religious Studies; On leave for the 2019-2020 academic year
Pearsons Hall 109
(909) 607-0479
Tomás F. Summers Sandoval
Tomás F. Summers Sandoval Jr.
Associate Professor of History and Chicana/o Latina/o Studies
Mason Hall 122
(909) 607-2916
Prof. John Seery
John E. Seery
George Irving Thompson Memorial Professor of Government and Professor of Politics
Carnegie Building 19
(909) 607-2458
Anthony Shay
(909) 621-8176
Mercedes Teixido
Mercedes M. Teixido
Loren Barton Babcock Miller Fine Arts Professor
Studio Art Hall
(909) 607-2684
Hung Cam Thai
Hung Cam Thai
Professor of Sociology and Asian American Studies; On leave for the 2019-2020 academic year
Hahn Hall 222
(909) 607-3922
Prof. Valorie Thomas
Valorie D. Thomas
Phebe Estelle Spalding Professor of English and Africana Studies
Crookshank Hall 211
(909) 607-9242
Margaret Waller
Margaret Waller
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
Mason Hall 238
(909) 621-8949
Gender and Women's Studies Staff
Cynthia Madrigal
Cynthia Madrigal
Academic Department Coordinator of Art History, Classics, and Gender and Women's Studies
Lebus Court 103
(909) 607-2221