Recent recipients

2012: Mattie Johnson; social work in Dortmund, and Edie Harris, field work on the topic of “Heimat”
2011: Jennifer Schmidt, Environmental research in Germany
2010: Carly Hite, WOOFing in Germany
2009: Xinyi Guo, Wall-in-the-Head , 20 years later
2008: Andrea Gottstein: Visual Art in Public Spaces
2007: Luke Lindeman: “Dialects in Germany.”
2006: Brian Kastl: “Germany and the 2006 Soccer World Cup.”
2005: Jordan Meyer: “A Study of the German City: Street Music in Hamburg”
2004: Michelle Hae Min Park, “Life in a Community: Turkish immigrants and integration in Germany: A socio-economic observation through spatial lens.”
2003: Katie Spielberger: “Learning one language through another: A Study of German Sign Language”
2002: Jackie Mark
2001: George Casey