Edray Goins
Prof. Edray Goins is on a mission. Over the last decade, he led the update of the Mathematicians of the African Diaspora website (the MAD Pages). The new site highlights the contributions of over 700 mathematicians of the African diaspora.
Elise Koskelo
Elise Koskelo ’20, a dual Math/Physics major and also 1 of 4 recipients of the Hugh Hamilton Prize in Mathematics is officially the top Physics student in the country. Feel free to send Elise your congratulations for this epic achievement.
Ayo Adeniran
Prof. Adeniran, gave a talk as part of the “Virtual Inspiring Talks in Mathematics” series. If you’re interested in pursuing the PhD in Math, stay tuned for his remarks about his path through graduate school.
Elise Koskelo
Elise, one of only 16 American students, has been awarded a Winston Churchill Foundation scholarship. A senior, doubling in Math and Physics, Elise plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Physics at the University of Cambridge next year.
John Urschel
Save the date - April 10 - Math Colloquium 4:15 pm, Argue Auditorium Reception & Dinner 6:00-7:30pm, Edmunds Ballroom Public Presentation 8:00-9:30pm, Bridges Auditorium
Omayra Ortega ’01
Omayra Ortega ’01, visiting assistant professor of Mathematics, is bringing Sonia Kovalevsky Day to middle- and high-schoolers Feb. 10 in Millikan Laboratory. The event is designed to mentor young girls who are interested in mathematics.