Welcome to the Math Department

Math Majors

We welcome any potential math majors to the department. If you haven't declared math yet but would like to get emails about our events, please email Kathy Sheldon (ksheldon@pomona.edu) with your full name and class year. If you are a potential math major and would like to be on our poster, please submit a high resolution photo to Kathy early in the fall semester.

Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

The student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics at Pomona College strives for gender equity in mathematics by coordinating resource-sharing and community-building events. Recent highlights include technical workshops on mathematical programming languages, attending the AWM Research Symposium, as well as themed lunches with special guests. This year, the agenda will also include discussions on equity and inclusiveness in mathematics, student panels on topics such as research and post-graduate opportunities, professional development oriented events, and more! Anyone is welcome to get involved by reaching out to us through Facebook--be sure to like our page!

2017-2018 Liaisons

Let’s meet your 2017-18 Math Liaisons!! The six students below will be planning the math retreat, T-shirts, and other exciting events; they welcome your input. They can be contacted to liaise with Math faculty if you have any questions or concerns about academic issues. Also, check out their Facebook page for announcements of events.

Kayla Cummings ‘18

Kayla Cummings

Hey y'all, I'm Kayla! I was born and raised in southeastern Virginia. I'm a fourth-year with interests in classical piano, journaling, and silly videos of parrots. This year I will be applying to graduate programs in operations research (OR) and computational math! Some math(ish) courses I've taken include Deterministic OR, Monte Carlo Methods, Statistical Theory, Algorithms, and Real Analysis. I've also participated in two REUs--one very pure, and one very applied! Please come to me with any and all concerns about your experience in the math department. I'm always excited to talk math--or life in general!

Amy Oden ’18

Amy Oden

Hi, y’all! I’m Amy and I’m a fourth year from Houston, Texas. As a mathie at Pomona, I’ve taken Calc II, Linear Algebra, Vector Calc, Combinatorics, Probability, Intro Stats, Operations Research, and Real Analysis. I’m double majoring in math and dance, so pay no mind when you see me rolling/leaping through Millikan’s halls (actually, please join me). I’m so excited to enter my third year of being a liaison and hope that I can help provide support and community to all mathies! Please feel free to talk to me about math at Pomona, or anything else!

Bradley Druzinsky ’19

Bradley Druzinski

My name is Bradley and I am a junior originally from Farmington, Connecticut. Thus far at Pomona some of my favorite classes have been Calc II H, Statistical Linear Models, and Combinatorics. This fall I'm excited to take Real Analysis I and Computational Statistics. When I'm not in Millikan, I can normally be found playing volleyball or reffing intramural sports in Rains. Feel free to say hi and ask me any questions!

Eric Gofen ’19

Eric Gofen

Eric is a Math and Politics double major at Pomona College. He specifically loves algebra and math education, and he wishes to be a teacher someday. He also mentors at the Quantitative Skills Center, runs track for the Pomona-Pitzer team, and is a tour guide for the college. He hopes to make math more accessible to everyone at the college.

Cristal Quinones ’20

Cristal Quinones

Hi! My name is Cristal, I'm a rising sophomore at Pomona college, and I'm from the suburbs of Chicago. My hobbies include cooking and watching vegan cooking videos on YouTube. When I'm not doing that, I'm having fun with math. Last year I took Calc II first semester and Linear Algebra and Calc III second semester. This upcoming semester I'll be in Combinatorics and Differential Equations. Along with that I'll be an RA in Blaisedell!

Jia Wu ‘20

Jia Wu

Hi everyone and welcome to Pomona's math department! My name is Jia Wu, I am a sophomore interested in studying math, computer science and environmental science. I have taken linear algebra and calculus III and am currently enrolled in combinatorics. Although I have zilch talent in terms of artistic ability, I greatly enjoy pretty much all forms and genres of art, music, and dance; in fact, I want to take a mime class spring semester and you should totally join! I am super excited to be a math liaison and if you want to discuss anything ranging from your personal to academic life I am always here to listen and talk. I will be part of a team of people that are going to be planning mathie community events such as hosting snack nights, so if you want to introduce yourself and send me a snack request please do so at jia.wu@pomona.edu. If you ever see me in Millikan, feel free to flag me down for a chat and to help me escape from another problem set!