Welcome to the Math Department

Math Majors

We welcome any potential math majors to the department. If you haven't declared math yet but would like to get emails about our events, please email Kathy Sheldon (ksheldon@pomona.edu) with your full name and class year. If you are a potential math major and would like to be on our poster, please submit a high resolution photo to Kathy early in the fall semester.

Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

The student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics at Pomona College strives for gender equity in mathematics by coordinating resource-sharing and community-building events. Recent highlights include technical workshops on mathematical programming languages, attending the AWM Research Symposium, as well as themed lunches with special guests. This year, the agenda will also include discussions on equity and inclusiveness in mathematics, student panels on topics such as research and post-graduate opportunities, professional development oriented events, and more! Anyone is welcome to get involved by reaching out to us through Facebook--be sure to like our page!

2018-2019 Liaisons

Let’s meet your 2018-19 Math Liaisons!! The seven students below will be planning the math retreat, T-shirts, and other exciting events; they welcome your input. Your Math Liaisons can be contacted to liaise with Math faculty if you have any questions or concerns about academic issues. Also, check out their Facebook page for announcements of events.

Eric Gofen ’19

Eric Gofen

Eric is a Math and Politics double major at Pomona College. He specifically loves algebra and math education, and he wishes to be a teacher someday. He also mentors at the Quantitative Skills Center, runs track for the Pomona-Pitzer team, and is a tour guide for the college. He hopes to make math more accessible to everyone at the college.

Matt Patterson ’19

Matt Patterson ’19

Hello! I'm Matt, a senior math major from Honolulu, Hawaii. My mathematical interests include analysis, algebra, probability, topology, and combinatorics. I'm also fascinated by the ways that different mathematical disciplines intersect in fields like functional analysis and analytic number theory. Besides math, I enjoy reading books, watching films, and playing video games. I also love animals: my favorites are dogs, cats, seals, and whales! Feel free to chat with me about math or anything else that is on your mind! I'm happy to discuss anything, from questions and concerns about the department to your favorite theorems. As a liaison, I'm looking forward to doing my part in making the math department a fun and welcoming space for everyone!

Lucero Ramirez ’19

Lucy Ramirez ’19

Hi everyone! My name is Lucero, but I also go by Lucy. I'm from Ontario, CA and am senior Math major at Pomona on the general track. I'm part of the PSM 2 cohort and mentored for PSM 3 during my sophomore year, and it's thanks to PSM that I found comfort in the Math department! I'm still considering my options for post-grad but I do hope to go to graduate school in some sort of Math one day. I also work as a student coordinator at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships, specifically with the ESL+ program, so I definitely recommend that people volunteer with Draper! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, eating good food, and doing my makeup. If you ever have any questions about the Math department, surviving Pomona, or whatever, feel free to reach out.

Helen Guo ’20

Helen Guo ’20

Hello everyone! My name is Helen and I am a junior and an applied math major. I love spending my time manipulating matrices, toying with proofs, and tinkering with models of systems over time. Outside of math, I run for the Pomona-Pitzer cross country team and love exploring the outdoors. I am also an avid anime and manga fan! I’m delighted to be a math resource and get to know everyone in the math department this year.

Jordan Huard ’20

Jordan Huard '20

Hi everyone! I’m Jordan, and I’m a junior math major from Waterville, Maine. I found my home in the department after loving the supportive community and collaborative atmosphere. My current mathematical interests include math education, operations research, and combinatorics. Aside from math, I minor in music and play percussion in the orchestra. I also enjoy hiking, cooking, tennis, and video games. If you ever want to talk about math, the department, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to me!

Rafa Martínez-Avial ’21

Rafa Martínez-Avial

Hey everyone! My name is Rafa and I'm a sophomore from Madrid, Spain. I'm planning to double major in math and physics and I don't have a favorite ice cream flavor. Math is the one thing that keeps me going and I love to have long, late night conversations about it so hit me up if you're down for that! Outside of math, I'm a sponsor, I do research in the physics department and I'm a tour guide. I have not yet pinpointed what my main interests in math are, since so far I have loved everything so much. I'm very excited to serve as a liaison this year, and hope to provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment for you all. See you around the hallways of Millikan!

Mui (Teerapaun) Tanprasert ’21

Mui (Teerapaun) Tanprasert ’21

Hi, I'm Mui! I'm a sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand, and I plan to major to Computer Science, possibly with a minor in Math or Economics. Besides those, I enjoy singing, playing pop songs on piano, and discussing music critically. I'm also a k-pop fan and have recently started watching anime. For math classes, I have only taken Calculus I and II, and will be taking Linear Algebra in Fall. I enjoyed my first two classes a lot and will be happy to talk about math or any of my interests. I'm excited to help make math fun and accessible to everyone as a liaison this year!