End of Junior year -Topic Selection

Senior Exercise Contract

Students by the end of their junior year must submit to Dr. Negritto a signed contract (Senior Exercise Contract [pdf] ), a one page abstract, and a list of 3 references that you have read. There must be a clear hypothesis to be tested in your senior experimental thesis project.  A specific deadline for turning in the contract will be discussed in MOBI188 class.

Friday September 19, 2014 - Annotated Bibliography

Submit an annotated bibliography of at least 10 references on your senior thesis topic. Turn in the bibliographies (2 hard copies) by 5 PM to professor Negritto, and they will be distributed to your readers.

See an example of an annotated bibliography.

Thursday,  September 25, October 2,  and October 9, 2014 -First Oral Presentation

You introduce your thesis project in the format of a mini grant proposal (15 minute presentation plus 5 minutes for questions). You are also expected to attend the talks given by your classmates and provide feedback.

Friday October 17, 2014 - Mid-Semester Evaluation

This is meant to provide feedback on your progress on your experimental senior thesis (1st half). On or before October 18 you are to meet with your thesis advisor to receive feedback on your thesis progress. If you are not meeting the requirements for the molecular biology experimental thesis you have until the end of the semester to remedy the concerns outlined in the evaluation. If you decide to withdraw from MOBI194A (by October 25) you will receive no credit (NC) for the fall semester, and will sign up for a Senior Library Thesis-Grant Proposal in Molecular Biology, MOBI191, in the spring semester.

Monday December 8, 2014 -Research Progress Report/Outline

You need to submit a progress report on your original investigation. The report should consist of a carefully written and complete introduction including all the references you have obtained to date (make sure by now you have done an exhaustive literature search on your topic of interest). The results you have obtained up to date are also included in this report and explained in detail, including figures. The other sections of the report such as materials and methods, results you are working on, and discussion (whatever is feasible at such an early date) are to be written in an outline format. Please submit two hard copies by 5 PM to Dr. Negritto. You will receive a grade for this fall semester that will take into consideration your progress report, your presentation, annotated bibliography and your work in lab. A passing grade is required in order to register for experimental senior thesis (2nd half), MOBI194B. If a passing grade is not accomplished you will sign up for a Library thesis in Molecular Biology, MOBI191, in the spring semester.

Friday February 6 and 13, 2015 - Oral Presentation

Focusing on your research progress and/or a major approach used in your project. Meeting times to be determined later but will take place during our scheduled senior experimental thesis time slot.

Friday March 27, 2015 - Submission of Thesis

On or before this date submit two hard copies to Dr. Negritto by Noon. The thesis will be handed to your readers so that their input can be taken into account in the final draft.

Monday April 6, 2015

Return of thesis with comments and suggestions. Each of the two readers will comment extensively; it is up to you to obtain this input from them.

April 17 and 24, 2015- Thesis Presentation

Final oral presentation of your Thesis work in the Senior Molecular Biology Symposium, practice talks are scheduled before hand for each student if wanted.

Friday May 1, 2015

Submit to Dr. Negritto by 5 PM

  • 3 hard copies of the final, revised version of your Research Report (Senior Thesis), binding is optional but highly encouraged.
  • Curriculum vitae including the requested information as shown in sample CV uploaded onto your dropbox in the Sakai MOBI194B site.
  • Electronic version of your final Oral Presentation and Research Report (Senior Thesis) Uploaded onto your dropbox in the Sakai MOBI194B site.


Your final grade in the course will be assessed a penalty of one grade point per day, weekends included, when deadlines for any of these deadlines are missed. Senior theses may not be submitted after the last day of classes (Wednesday prior to finals week); if not submitted, a failing grade for senior thesis will result.

The grades for MOBI194A,B are determined by your thesis advisors which take into consideration the time spent in lab, how you work in lab, how your thesis project is advancing, written reports, your final thesis oral presentation and your performance and participation in your other 2 oral presentations.